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Volunteers Hotel

Volunteer Hotel, Newchurch
The former Volunteers Hotel

The Volunteers Hotel was situated on Turnpike, opposite "Kirk Gate"(now named Old Street). The house possibly got its name from the 3rd Lancashire Rifle Volunteers, 1 Company, which had its head quarters in the area from 1862 to 1865.
The house closed in 1989 and was coverted into four flats in 1993 and now goes under the name of "The Quarter".

John Baxter Ltd. Glen Top Brewery.
Beverleys Beers Ltd. Wakefield.
Wilsons, Manchester.

Landlords of the Volunteers Hotel

1864Abraham Brierley.
1865Abraham Brierley to John Halstead.
1888John Halstead to Alice Hargreaves.
1892Alice Hargreaves deceased to William Hodgson.
1895William Hodgson to his widow Elizabeth Hodgson.
1896Elizabeth Hodgson to Oswald Barclay Rankine.
1896Oswald Barclay Rankine to his widow Ann Rankine.
1898Ann Rankine to Charles Coxhill.
1901Charles Coxhill to Thomas Harrison.
1906Thomas Harrison to Thomas Whittaker.
1907Thomas Whittaker to Joseph Edward Nuttall.
1908Joseph Edward Nuttall to James William Dugdale.
1916James William Dugdale to David Henry Roberts.
1931David Henry Roberts retiring to Robert Jackson.
1931Robert Jackson to his widow Mary Jackson.
1935Mary Jackson to Thomas Coupe.
1935Thomas Coupe to Rex Moulding.
1936Rex Moulding to John Taylor.
1937John Taylor to Walter R. Hartley.
1939Walter R. Hartley to Charles E. Harrison.
1940Charles E. Harrison to Peter Bromley.
1942Peter Bromley to his widow Anne Bromley.
1945Ann Bromley to Harry Derrick.
1949Harry Derrick to Clifford Purchon.
1953Clifford Purchon to Sydney Baines.
1954Sydney Baines to Reginald George Taylor.
1955Reginald George Taylor to John Henry Taylor.
1956John Henry Payne to Edward Ellis Cheetham.
1957Edward Ellis Cheetham to Trevor Crawshaw.
1959Trevor Crawshaw to Elspeth Brown.
1960Elspeth Brown to Henry Kirkbride.
1962Harry Kirkbride to Water Ashall.
1966Walter Ashall to his widow Eva Ashall.
1967Eva Ashall to James Stanley Fletcher.
1969James Stanley Fletcher to Frank Howorth.
1970Fred Howorth to Roger Barrington Kirk.
1971Roger Barrington Kirk to Kenneth Stollow.
1973Kenneth Stollow to Hiram Aspinall.
-----1973 - 1980 records missing.
1980Jack Feber to Bernard Lee.
1981Bernard Lee to Michael McAnna.
1983Michael McAnna to David Hinds.
1985David Hinds to Peter Gregory Ashworth.
1987Peter Gegory Ashworth to Michael McAnna.
1988Michael McAnna to Mark Cheetham.
1989Mark Cheetham to Stuart Fletcher.
1989House closed June 1989.

Newspaper clips and notes

Bacup and Rossendale News 23-04-1864
Abraham Brearley of the Volunteers Inn was charged with having eight gill glasses short of measure. Case dimissed on payment of costs.

Bacup and Rossendale News 29-09-1865
John Halstead, of the Volunteers Hotel, was summoned for a breach of the Licensed Victuallers Act, for allowing drunkeness on his premises. Fined 5s and costs.

Bacup and Rossendale News 03-08-1867
To be sold by Auction, the newly erected stone built Inn or Public House known by the sign of the Volunteers Hotel. John Halstead from year to year tenant.

Bacup and Rossendale News 12-10-1867
John Halstead, of the Volunteers Hotel was summoned for breach of the Licensed Victuallers Act. to pay costs.

Bacup Times 13-11-1875
On Sturday evening Mrs. Halstead, wife of Mr. John Halstead, landlord of the Volunteers Hotel, Newchurch, died in an awfully sudden manner. She appeared to be in good health and spirits throughout the evening, and at closing time she bade some of the customers goodnight, in her usual affable manner, and in a few minutes afterwards, in fact before a medical man could be called to her, she was a corpse. Mrs. Halstead was 59 years of age.

Bacup and Rossendale News 05-06-1880
John Halstead, of the Volunteers Hotel was summoned for selling gin under proof. Fined 20s and costs.

Bacup times 18-06-1887
John Halstead, of the Volunteers Hotel, was summoned for selling gin under proof. Fined 30s and costs. Halstead was 73 years of age, and had kept the house for 22 years.

Bacup and Rossendale News 18-02-1888
To be Let, that old established Public House called the Volunteers Hotel, Mill End, Waterfoot, Rossendale. Aplly on the premises.

Rossendale Division Gazette 30-01-1892
The death occured on Saturday last of Alice Hargreaves, landlady of the Volunteers Hotel, Newchurch. Formerly she had kept the Hare and Hounds, Stacksteads; Duke of Buccleugh, Waterfoot; and the Boars Head, Newchurch. She was 60 years of age.

Rossendale Division Gazette 02-09-1893
William Hudson of the Volunteers Hotel, Newchurch, was summoned for having unjust, unstamped, and illegal measures in his possession. Fined 2s 6d and costs in each of three cases.

Bacup Times 16-10-1897
On Tuesday there passed away one of the oldest and most respected publicans of Rossendale, in the person of Mr John Rankine, of the Volunteers Hotel, Turnpike, Newchurch, who had reached the advanced age of 80 years. Mr Rankine was a native od Kirkcudbright.

Occupied by Ann Rankine, Old valuation £38 10s, new valuation £55.

Bacup Times 02-11-1907
To Let, the Volunteers Hotel, Newchurch. Apply Glen Top Brewery.

Motor Char-a-Banc Picnic to London – May 16, 17, 18 1913

Volunteer Hotel picnic
Volunteers Hotel - London picnic 1913

Committee:- J. Dugdale, J. W. Taylor, F. Lambert, W. Hirst, J. Newton, H. Trickett, R. Longthorne, J. Spencer, P. Hollowood.

Financial Secretary:- H. Trickett.
Treasurer:- J. Dugdale.
Corresponding Secretary:- P. Hollowood.
Captain:- J. Newton.
Charabanc supplied by Carrs Ltd, of Bury.

Departure, May 16th time 6am.
9.30am breakfast at Temperance Hotel, Congleton, Cheshire.
3.00pm Dinner at Kings Head Hotel, Coventry.
8.30pm Tea and lodgings at George Hotel, Luton.

May 17th depart Luton 7.00am
9.30am approx, arrive at the City of London for breakfast. Spend rest of morning sightseeing in London.
1.00pm Dinner at Foreys Temperance Hotel and Restaurant, Essex Street, Strand.
After dinner proceed from Marble Arch to Windsor with more sightseeing around London, with tea in London, before heading back to lodgings at the George Hotel, Luton.

May 18th depart Luton 7.00am
8.30am Breakfast at Swan Hotel, Newport Pagnall.
2.00pm Dinner at Royal Hotel, Derby.
Arrive back at Newchurch in the early evening.

First days run178.75 miles
Second days run115 miles
Third days run176.75 miles
Total470.5 miles

Bacup Times 08-05-1915
To Let, the Volunteers Hotel, Newchurch. Apply Glen Top Brewery.

Bacup Times 31-01-1920
David Henry Roberts, of the Volunteers Hotel was summoned on two accounts for suppling beer during prohibited hours, and two charges of allowing beer to be consumed on licensed premises in prohibited hours.
Fined £2 10s and 2gns cost on the first two charges, and 10s each for the second two.

Bacup Times 06-02-1926
John Baxter Ltd, brewers, applied for permission to completely rebuild the Volunteers Hotel, Newchurch. Permission granted.

1927/28 - The house was completely rebuilt by Drakes builders.

Rossendale Free Press 16-01-1932
Mr. David H. Roberts, who has been licensee of the Volunteers Hotel for the last 15 years retired from the business on Wednesday.

Bacup Times 03-09-1932
Robert Jackson, licensee of the Volunteers Hotel, died yesterday morning in his 48th year.

Bacup Times 06-06-1942
Peter Bromley, aged 55, licensee of the Volunteers Hotel, died on Thursday night. He had not been in the best health for three or four months.

Bacup Times 21-06-1958
Leaving the premises for a short walk, Mr Trevor Crawshaw, of the Volunteers Hotel, returned to find ove £100 missing from the bar till and wardrobe

Bacup Times 27010-1963
Walter Ashall, licensee of the Volunteers Hotel, was fined a total of £20 8s including costs for supplying, aiding and abetting consumption of intoxicating liqour during non-permitted hours.

1987 - Name change to Subiancos Music Bar.

Rossendale Free Press 19-12-1987
Music Bar hits sour note
A MUSIC bar "for the nicer people" was due to open in Newchurch last night, despite a last minute upset involving nearby residents.
The former Volunteers pub on Turnpike has undergone rapid transformation in a week into Subiancos, an upmarket music bar. But some families in Newchurch were horrified to see the facelift plan included the buildings stone walls being painted white.
Smart dress
They quickley called in Councillor Joe Connolly and a council planning officer, but Councillor Connolly said that the pub was not a listed building and there was nothing to prevent tenants painting it white.
Two young business, Tony Kershaw and Mark Cheetham, both in their late twenties, have leased the former pub from Wilson's Brewery. They say Subianco's will be for "the nicer people", smart dress will be essential and two doormen will ensure only the right type of customers will get in.
Mr Cheetham was granted a license for Subianco's at Rossendale Magistrates Court on Wednesday.
Meanwhile, painters, plumbers and joiners worked each day into the early hours to renovate the interior, creating a pub where, in Mr Cheetham's words, there will be live entertainment every evening and it will be full of atmosphere.

March 1989 - Re-opened after being closed for a few months, under the new name of "The New Volunteers". The pub closed in June 1989

Rossendale Free Press 06-10-1989
THE FORMER manager of the New Volunteers, Stuart Fletcher, has been fined £450 by Rossendale magistrates for "suffering the smoking of cannibis in the pub at Turnpike, Waterfoot.
He pleaded not guilty but magistrates found the case proven on Wednesday.
Mr Brian McKenna, prosecuting, said forensic scientists confirmed 19 hand-rolled cigarette ends found at the pub contained cannabis resin.
PC David Halstead said cigarette ends were found in various parts of the building including behind the bar and upstairs in a private bedroom during a June search at 7-45am.
Fletcher said he did not smoke cannabis himself, that the traces of drugs found upstairs were not his and claimed cigarette ends were found behind the bar because that was where ashtrays were emptied.
He told the court he was aware customers were smoking cannabis and he had barred people because of it.
As a result, his takings had dropped from £200 to £60 on Thursday nights, and 200 customers on Friday and Saturday evenings had dropped to 10.
He did not report it to the police because "I was not risking getting my pub wrecked or my head kicked in".
He added "I disagreed with it but I couldn't stop it".
Magistrates ordered Fletcher of Blackburn Road, Haslingden, to pay £50 costs.

1993/94 - The building was converted into four luxury flats.

Scource -
"Rawtenstall Public Houses" by John Davies, published by Rawtenstall Library 1996