Newchurch Public Houses

Millstone Inn

Little is known the Millstone Inn other than a mention in a periodical called "Some facts about Newchurch village in bygone days", and it mentions the following:-

"Directly opposite the Mansion House was the hostilary (sic) known as the ‘Duke of York’, this was where local inquests were held. In 1854 a gent called Solomon Holt was the landlord. This part of Church Street was quite narrow and one could almost jump from one footpath to the other. At the back of these premises was the area known as Mill Fold, which has its beer house known as ‘Mill Stone Inn’ a private house now to this day, a date here of 1725".

Below are two entries from:-
Stories in stone - Datestones in Rossendale, John B Taylor
published privately by Rawtenstall Library 1988