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Duke of York

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Landlords of the Duke of York

The Duke of York was situated at 53a Church Street, Newchurch and was three doors away from the Black Dog Inn on what is now the west corner of Bolton Street. The inn was the place were the local inquest were held and in the 1950s/60s was a barbers shop.

1825John Mills.
1838William Cunliffe.
1841James Ashworth.
1851James Ashworth to Mary Ann Holt
1891Mary Ann Holt to William Barrow.
1895William Barrow to John William Banister.
1896John William Banister to Henry Tattersall.
1898Henry Tattersall to Alfred Shaw.
1901Alfred Shaw to Richard Halstead.
1904Richard Halstead deceased to James Warburton Ashworth.
1904James Warburton Ashworth to James Edward Wilcox.
1906James Edward Wilcox to John Taylor.
1907John Taylor to Thomas Adlum.
1909Thomas Adlum last landlord.
 House closed at 11pm. on Tuesday 5th January 1909.

Newspaper clips and notes

Bacup and Rossendale News 15-01-1870
The death occured on the 12th January, of Barritt Holt, 3 year old son of Mrs Mary Ann Holt, of the Duke of York Inn, Newchurch.

Bacup and Rossendale News 24-07-1886
The death occured on the 16th inst, at the Duke of York Inn, Newchurch of Mary Howarth, age 31 years.

Bacup Times 28-02-1891
To Sell by Auction, that well accustomed inn or public house known as the DUKE OF YORK, Newchurch.

Rossendale Division Gazette 14-03-1891
To be Sold by Auction, all that old established and well accustomed inn or public house, know as the DUKE OF YORK, situated in Church Street, Newchurch, aforesaid, with outbuildings thereto belonging, and now in the occupation of Mrs. Holt. And also all that garden ajoining the said premises with the Outhouses and Vacant Land thereto. The whole of the premises are Copyhold in Free of the Manor of Accrington New Hold, and are free from Ground Rent.
(Sold to Mr. John Green of the Garrison Hotel, Burnley, at the price of £1,390.)

Bacup Times 21-03-1891
To Let, the Duke of York Inn, Newchurch, fully licensed. Apply John Green, Garrison Hotel, Burnley.

Rossendale Division Gazette 29-06-1895
On Sale - Pony, Trap, and Harness. Owner giving up keeping. Ally Duke of York, Newchurch.

Bacup Times 12-12-1903
The death took place on Wednesday morning, of Mr. Roland Halstead, landlord of the Duke of York, Newchurch. Deceased had been painfully ill for a long time, and confined to his bed for the past four months. He was only 49 years of age, and leaves a widow and child.

Rossendale Express 27-01-1904
The death took place on Sunday last, of Mrs Mary Ellen Halstead, widow of the late Mr. Richard Halstead, landlord of the Duke of York, Newchurch. She was only 43 years of age.

Rossendale Free Press 09-01-1901
To Sell by Auction, second hand pianoforte, semi billard table and fittings, two lift beer pump and piping, painted cupboard, tables, chairs, forms, glasses, pots and effects.

Rossendale Free Press 11-02-1911
A provisional grant for the renewal of the license of the Duke of York, Church Street, Newchurch, to the Crown Inn, Bacup Road, Rawtenstall, was made on the 6th February 1908, and renewed on the 1st February 1909, the final order and confirmation being made on the 13th February 1910, the Crown having been rebuilt in accordance with the plans submitted.

Scource -
"Rawtenstall Public Houses" by John Davies, published by Rawtenstall Library 1996