Newchurch Public Houses

Cloggers Arms

Black Dog, Newchurch
The Cloggers Arms, Old Street, Newchurch

Brewery:- John Kenyon, Cloughfold.

The Cloggers Arms was situated in Old Street, Newchurch. It was entered by four stone steps, which leads to a landing 19ft 6ins long, and 4ft wide running in front of the house.The house consisted of taproom, bar palour, kitchen, clubroom, beer store and three cellars.
The domestic accommodation consisted of a kitchen, back kitchen, five bedrooms and an attic.
The house was in a poor state when it closed. The front exterior was good, the back was fair but internally it was very bad with several floors rotten and insecure.

The building carried a date stone - 1724 L.T.M

The house was demolished in the slum clearence of Old Street in the mid-1930s and the site was redeveloped in the mid-1960s with council bungalows and flats.

Landlords of the Cloggers Arms

1865Ralph Greenhalgh
1874Ralph Greenhalgh to his widow Nancy Greenhalgh
1881Nancy Greenhalgh to William Hitchen
1881William Hitchen to Joseph Holt
1885Joseph Holt to John Edward Greenwood
1886John Edward Greenwood to James Caygill
1887James Caygill to William Ashworth
1907William Ashworth last landolrd
House closed 23rd April 1907, with £340 compensation

Newspaper clips and notes

Bacup Times 04-10-1884
To be sold by Private Treaty, the CLOGGERS ARMS, Old Street, Newchurch, occupied by Joseph Holt. All applications and tenders to be sent to James Barcroft Esq, Ashmount, Edgeside.

Bacup and Rossendale News 08-11-1884
The death occured on the 4th inst, at 21 Old Street, Newchurch, of Nancy, widow of Mr. Joseph(sic*) Greenhalgh, at the age of 67 years.
*should this have been writen as Ralph instead of Joseph?

Bacup Times 29-05-1886
John Edward Greenwood, of the Cloggers Arms, Newchurch, was summoned for selling beer during prohibited hours. Fined 20s and costs.

Bacup and Rossendale News 30-04-1887
Beeerhouse to Let - The Cloggers Arms, Old Street, Newchurch. Apply at the Brewery, Cloughfold.

Bacup Times 06-02-1897
To Let, the Cloggers Arms beerhouse, Newchurch, Apply John Kenyon Ltd, Cloughfold.

1898 - Owned by John Kenyon Ltd, occupied by William Ashworth. Old valuation £15. new valuation £21.

Scource -
"Rawtenstall Public Houses" by John Davies, published by Rawtenstall Library 1996