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Boars Head public house
Boars Head Public House 2008

John Kenyon Ltd, Cloughfold.
Massey's Burnley Brewery.
Bass Charrington

Landlords of the Boars Head

1825John Kershaw
1838Robert Parker
1851+Robert Parker to John Stott
1863James Holt/Stott to his widow Elizabeth Stott
 (records give both names)
1867Elizabeth Stott to John Slater
1882John Slater to James Howarth
1883James Howarth to Alice Pilling
1884Alice Pilling to Ashworth Maden
1887Ashworth Maden to George Thompson
1892George Thompson to John Maden Crabtree
1892John Maden Crabtree to James Berry
1893James Berry to Thomas Pilling
1894Thomas Pilling to Henry Kershaw
1896Henry Kershaw to William Barrow
1899William Barrow to Henry McKie
1903Henry McKie to Richard Oldfield
1904Richard Oldfield to Samuel Kershaw
1912Samuel Kershaw to Thomas William Cowell
1937Thomas William Cowell to Charlie Stott
1943Charlie Stott to George M. Bannister
1945George Bannister to his widow Mary Bannister
Mary Bannister re-married and became Mary Bentley
1963Mary Bentley to Thomas Boyden
1967Thomas Boyden to William Morton
1968William Morton to Noel Anthony Lyons
1969Noel Anthony Lyons to Jack Disley
1971Jack Disley to Richard Shackleton
1982Richard Shackleton to Brian Meleleu
1994Brian Melelue to Philip Worrall
1998Philip Worrall to Maureen O'Connor
2003Maureen O'Connor to Sue Massey
2005June/July - landlord from Madisons on 6 week trial
2005/2006 - 2 temporary landlords
2006Krista Taylor
2008Krista Taylor to Tony Malone
2009Feb/Mar - Closed
2009April - Heather & Chris ....? Managers
2009June - Heather ....? moved to Station Hotel, Ramsbottom
2009June - Relief Manager Dave ....? stayed a few weeks
2009July/August - Chris ....? from Station Hotel returned
2009October/November - New Relief Manager Joe ....?
2010April - Manager Joe ....? left
2010May 5th/6th - Boars Head boarded up
2010October - Reopened after refurbishment by L. Ashworth
2017May - Shuan Ashworth/Margaret Ashworth Landlord

The Boars Head is a three storey building which carries a date stone 1674 L. - I. E. This date stone has been rebuilt into a "new" frontage, the oldest portion being at the rear, where there were still whattle walls inside until quite recently, and they may still be there.
In the 1800s the Free Masons (Tranquility Lodge 274) used the pub as their headquaters.
In 1826 a celebration dinner was held here on the official opening day of Kirk Church (St Nicholas).

It was formally a John Kenyon house and is believed to be the last public house in Rawtenstall to brew its own ale.

From 1898 the pub had a bowling green at the rear. Around 1920 the green was turned into a tennis court, which lasted for a short while then the land had various uses over fifty years or so. In 1988 the bowling green was restored and was in use up until 2011 when it was closed down, and now the land is unused.

Down the cellar there is a sealed up entrance from a past era, which is said to have been a secret passage which led to St Nicholas church.

In more recent times, at just after 10am on the 16th September 1978 the pub roof collapsed entirely with the landlord, Robert Shackleton was in the cellar at the time. A new roof had to be erected, closing the business for nearly a month.

Newspaper clips and notes

Bacup and Rossendale News 27-06-1863
James Holt/Stott of the Boars Head Inn died suddenly at midnight on Tuesday

Bacup and Rossendale News 10-06-1871
John Slater, of the Boars Head Inn, was charged with selling drink during prohibited hours. Fined 20 shillings.

Bacup Times 31-07-1875
The death occured on the 27th July, at the Boars Head Inn, Newchurch, of Thomas Slater, aged 7 years, son of the landlord, Mr. John Slater.

Bacup Times 28-10-1876
The death occured on Tuesday of Grace Slater, infant daughter of Mr. John Slater, of the Boars Head Inn, Newchurch.

Bacup Times 16-02-1878
The death occured on 3rd February, of Hartley William Slater, 11 year old son of Mr. John Slater, landlord of the Boars Head Inn.

1879 - John Slater, bankrupt, absconded.

Bacup Times 01-10-1881
John Slater, of the Boars Head, was fined 5 shilling and cost, for being drunk on Tuesday night.

Bacup Times 10-06-1882
To be Let, the BOARS HEAD INN, Newchurch. Apply John Kenyon, brewery, Cloughfield.

Bacup Times 14-07-1883
To be Let, the BOARS HEAD INN, Newchurch. Apply John Kenyon, brewery, Cloughfield.

Bacup and Rossendale News 21-06-1884
To be Let, that old established and well accustomed Public House and premises called the BOARS HEAD INN, situate at Newchurch. Apply at John Kenyon, brewer, Cloughfold.

Bacup and Rossendale News 16-05-1885
Ashworth Maden, of the Boars Head Inn, was summoned for selling whiskey to lower than limit. Fined 20s and costs.

Bacup and Rossendale News 08-01-1887
To Let, the BOARS HEAD INN, Newchurch, Apply at the Brewery, Cloughfold.

Bacup and Rossendale News 08-01-1887
To be Let, the BOARS HEAD INN, Newchurch. Apply John Kenyon, Brewer, Cloughfold.

Rossendale Division Gazette 17-06-1893
To be Let - That old established fully licenced Public House, the BOARS HEAD INN, Newchurch, Rossendale. Apply John Kenyon, brewer, Cloughfold.

Rossendale Division Gazette 02-09-1893
James Berry, of the Boars Head Inn, Newchurch, was summoned for having 17 unstamped pint pots in his possession. Fined 2s 6d and costs.

1898 -
Owned by John Kenyon Ltd, occupied by William Barrow. Old valuation £49 10s, new valuation £49.

Rossendale Free Press 12-02-1898
Mr. John Kenyon, the owner, is erecting a bowling green at the rear of the Boars Head Hotel, Newchurch. The landlord of this hostlery, is Mr. W. Barrow. The work is proceeding rapidly.

Rossendale Free Press 19-03-1898
The construction of the bowling green at the rear of the Boars Head Hotel, Newchurch, is rapidly progressing, and if the weather is favourable, the work will soon be completed. It is intended to make it a subscription green for one or two days a week. The green is pleasently situated, and from it a commanding view of the surrounding Rossendale hills can be obtained.

Bacup Times 27-07-1901
To Let, the Boars Head, Newchurch, with bowling green attached. Apply The Brewery, Cloughfold

Rossendale Express 22-10-1902
The death took place on Friday last of Mrs. Oldfield, wife of Mr. Oldfield, landlord of the Boars Head, Newchurch, she was only 52 years of age

Bacup Times 03-12-1904
TEN Good Ferrets. Apply Boars Head, Newchurch.

Rossendale Express 13-09-1905
Seven good Ferrets for sale, aslo a few dozen Pigeons. Boars Head, Newchurch.

Rossendale Express 05-12-1906
Six Ferrets for Sale. Apply Boars Head, Newchurch.

Bacup Times 26-10-1907
Nine White and three Dark Ferrets for sale. Apply Boars Head, Newchurch.

Rossendale Express 22-07-1908
On Sale, 20 young Ferrets and six Old ones. Boars Head, Newchurch.

Bacup Times 03-09-1910
On Sale, 6 Ferrets, also 24 pigeons. Apply Boars Head, Newchurch.

Bacup Times 28-10-1939
Charles Stott, of the Boars Head, was summoned on two counts for unlawfully selling intoxicating Liqour during non-permitted hours, two for supplying and two for aiding and abetting. Fined £1 each in two cases, and advocates fees of £3 3s.

Bacup Times 10-02-1945
George M. Bannister, aged 48, licensee of the Boars Head, for the last two years, died on Saturday evening after six weeks illness.

Rossendale Free Press 23-09-1978
Centuries-old village pub shut by roof collapse

No beer is likely to flow at the 300-year-old Boars Head at Newchurch before the middle of next week. And even then the taps may not be turns on.

The pub - built in 1674 in the reign of Charles II - has been closed since Saturday, when its roof suddenly collapsed, bringing down wide timber beams on to the ceiling of the first-floor where Mr and Mrs Dick Shackleton, have their living quarters.

A beam crashed into the disused second-floor rooms and penetrated the ceiling over the landing. Ceilings and walls in all the first-floor rooms were cracked.

Clouds of plaster dust billowed out of the building making passers-by think it was on fire.

Throughout the week experts have been visiting the three-storey building and until the beams and rubble are cleared they cannot say when the pub will open again.

"The whole building will be surveyed and there is no question of allowing anyone in until it is structurally safe" said a spokesman for Bass North West.

Scaffolding has been put up and a crane was being brought in to lift the beams.

The collapse came just after 10am.

Scaffolding has been put up and a crane was being brought in to lift the beams.

The landlord, 54-year-old Mr Shackleton, who was in the cellars, heard a rumbling which he thought was an iron wheel truck being wheeled across the pub floor.

"I was expecting a delivery at the time and thought it was that “he said.

"A couple of hours earlier and we would have still been in bed. The shock might have killed us" he said.

Mrs Shackleton was three doors away under a dryer at the hairdresser's and heard nothing.

"The first I knew was when Dick came rushing in and told me," she said. “He had called the police and fire brigade and they would not let us into the building all morning.

"Neighbours were very kind. They brewed up for us and made sandwiches."

The Shackletons had been due to go on holiday to Cambridge on Sunday.

"That had to be cancelled," said Mrs Shackleton. "And we were supposed to be bringing friends back for the weekend."

Only recently Mrs Shackleton had considered opening up the second-floor as a living accommodation.

"It is a good job we had not done anything about it. All our furniture would have gone," she added.

Miss Helena Jarosz, who was working next door at John Plant Natural food, said the noise was frightening.

"It was like a very heavy thunder," she said. "I went upstairs but found nothing wrong. It was only when firemen and police arrived and we were told to clear the building we realised what had happened."

Mr Stanley Holt lives opposite. He was standing at the door with his granddaughter when the roof caved in.

“I am deaf and did not hear the noise, but my granddaughter did,” he said. “It was looked as though the place was on fire. The clouds of dust looked just like smoke.”

Mr and Mrs Shackleton have spent the week staying at hotels and visiting the pub hoping for news of an opening day.

They have already lost a week of holiday trade and what would have been a busy weekend.

“The first week the customers thought the whole think was a novelty,” said Mrs Shackleton. “The second week they will get bedded in somewhere else and after that it will take a bit to get the custom back.”

Rossendale Free Press 04-06-1988
The bowling green at the Boars Head Hotel, Newchurch, is to be brought back into action after lying unused fo more than 70 years. The green behind the pub in Church Street, as already been laid with the help of several regulars, but it will not be ready for use until the start of next years bowling season in May. Mr Brian Meleleu, the landlord, said the pubs new bowls team was having to play matches at Loveclough on a green the council is allowing them to use.

Boars Head public house

Boars Head Public House c.1900 at far left of photograph, and opposite the Boars Head with the apexed coping above the door and the Lion datestone above is possibly the White Lion Inn.

Scource -
"Rawtenstall Public Houses" by John Davies, published by Rawtenstall Library 1996