Newchurch Public Houses

Black Dog Inn

Black Dog, Newchurch
The derelict Black Dog

Brewery:- Free House

The Black Dog public house was situated at 57a Church Street on the site which became known as "The Little Park" (village garden to the east of Bolton Street).

Built in 1767 it changed to a beerhouse 1800. The Black Dog was a stagecoach inn with a four stalled coaching house. The building carried a date stone with 1767 carved in it. The pub carried the sign of a black dog on a dark blue background.

On the night of 19th January 1922 a storm caused the building to collapse and not long after had to be demolished.

In 1927 the "Little Park" came into being. The site was given to Rawtenstall Corporation by the owner Mr H. H. Bolton JP and was opened in March 1927.

Landlords of the Black Dog Inn

1790John Whittaker + 1794
1825George Ormerod
 George Ormerod to his daughter-in-law Mary Ormerod
1851Mary Ormerod to George Sanderson
1861George Sanderson to Jonathan Kershaw
1879Jonathan Kershaw to his widow Margaret Ann Kershaw
1879Margaret Ann Kershaw to Thomas Holden
1881Thomas Holden to James Ashworth
1881James Ashworth to Thomas Dobson
1885Thomas Dobson to John Robinson
1885John Robinson to William Henry Boothman
1887William Henry Boothman to Ashworth Maden
1897Ashworth Maden to John E. Haworth
1901John E. Haworth to Richard Ashworth
1906Richard Ashworth to James William Bentley
1908James William Bentley to James Greenhalgh
1909James Greenhalgh - last landlord.

The house closed its doors on Tuesday night, the 5th January 1909, at 11pm.

1835 Coaches
"Coach" every Tuesday and Saturday at 6am to Manchester.
"Coach" every Monday at 8.45 to Rochdale.

Newspaper clips and notes

Bacup and Rossendale News 11-02-1865
Mr John Kershaw of the Black Dog, Newchurch was charged with having his house open on Sunday 29th January during prohibited hours. Fined 10 shillings and costs.

Bacup and Rossendale News 26-08-1865
John Kershaw of the Black Dog, Newchurch was summoned for refusing to admit a police officer on the 6th February. Fined 10 shillings and costs.

Bacup Times 28-07-1877
The death occured on Monday of Richard Kershaw, aged 23 years, son of Mr John Kershaw, landlord of the Black Dog Inn, Newchurch.

Bacup Times 29-03-1879
The death occured on the 11th March of Mr John Kershaw, of the Black Dog Hotel, Newchurch, aged 77 years.

Bacup and Rossendale News 13-12-1879
To be let, with immediate possession, that old established and well connected hotel called the Black Dog Hotel, Newchurch. The house is free, and contains large club room, five bedrooms, sitting room, commercial room, bar parlour, large kitchen, out kitchen, pantry, four stalled stable and coach house, also capital, lofty and well fitted concert room behind. No goodwill. The whole to be taken at valuation. Apply on premises.

Bacup Times 04-12-1880
Black Dog Inn, Newchurch. To be Let, on favourable terms. Apply on premises.

Bacup Times 24-11-1883
To be Let, that old established Public House, known as the Black Dog Inn, Newchurch. For particulars apply to Messers Norris and Sons, solicitors, 11 Union Court, Castle Street, Liverpool.

Bacup Times 08-01-1887
To be Let, that old established inn, known as the Black Dog, situated in the centre of the township of Newchurch. Immediate possession can be given. Apply Messers Norris & Sons, solicitors, William Street, Liverpool.

Bacup Times 10-08-1895
Ashworth Maden, of the Black Dog, Newchurch, was summoned for allowing gaming on his premise. Fined 20 shillings and cost.

Owned by H. H. Bolton, occupied by John E. Haworth. Old valuation £34.0s.0d; new valuation £46.10s.0d.

The roof of the billard room of the Black Dog Inn, Newchurch, was carried away in the great gale.

Bacup Times 31-03-1906
Black Dog Hotel, Newchurch. To be Let, from 2nd August next. Free house, with full licence. Apply Norris & Sons 11 Union Court, Castle Hill, Liverpool.

Bacup Times 07-07-1906
To Let, Black Dog, Newchurch. Apply Glen Top Brewery, Waterfoot.

Rossendale Free Press 09-01-1909
On account of giving up licence. To sell by Auction, the whole of the hotel furnishings; trade utensils; and effects. Nearly new four lift beer pump and pipes; seven tap spirit fountain; piping and kegs; semi billiard table; mahogany corner cupboard; mahogany tables; chairs; cutlery; electro plate; glass, china and dinnerware; patent work drawers; copper and pewter measures; pots; culinary utensils, and numerous other items.

Black Dog, Newchurch
The collapsed Black Dog

During a storm on Saturday 19th January 1922 the Black Dog Inn suddenly collapsed. The three storey building had been in a dilapidated state for many years. On Sunday the rear walls collapsed with part of the masonry falling in the garden of Plane Tree House, the home of Mr. Baker, the headmaster of Thistlemount Continuation School.
Only the front part of the old hostelry on Church Street remained standing, though this was of no great loss as the building was already earmarked for demolition.

Scource -
"Rawtenstall Public Houses" by John Davies, published by Rawtenstall Library 1996