Minutes from NVCA meeting
Held at Boars Head, Newchurch
7.00pm 17th September 2015

• Annual General Meeting 7.00pm

* See Note at foot of page.

Minutes from Regular Meeting 8.45pm

• 1 Apologies and Introductions

Rachel Hadj, Sam Gildert, Stephen Cudworth, Jo Irving and Julie Parker, Paddy Marriott, Natalie Ashworth, Wilf Day, Shelley and Mick, Sue and Geoff Heaton, Jean Starkie and Janet Booth.
Present – Simone, Iain, Rachael Gildert, Jo Blair, Julia Barrow, Ken Slaughter Janet, Shirley, Peter Fell.

• 2 New Kirk Fair

· Agreed that we wanted another one as this year was so successful.
· SC pointed out that we need more assistance in terms of volunteers before the event and on the day to arrange it and man the stands.
· Date agreed as 2nd July 2016.
· Bouncy castle next year? Can we hire them and take a cut from it? Or charge a small rent. Someone in Rossendale has one and takes responsibility in terms of watching it all the time (a requirement of funding).
· Get an ice cream van to turn up too? Charge a rent? Everyone to think of ideas before the November meeting so we can go through the ideas.

• 3 Christmas Carol concert

· Hold it in the garden instead of walking around. We have gazebos and can have candles and invite people. Invite the churches and schools too. Perhaps have seating in one of the gazebos?
· Date to be confirmed – SC and IB to liaise with schools and churches and Margaret at the Boars so make sure we don’t clash with them.
· Don’t call it a service – Christmas celebration?

• 4 NVCA Dinner

‐ Have one on Saturday 23rd January 2016 after the Christmas rush.
‐ Fancy dress….so pay forfeit to the NVCA if not in costumes. Theme to be decided at November meeting.
‐ Menu and number to be clarified with Margaret in advance RG

• 5 Gardening Update

‐ Clean up events Saturday 7th November, at 2pm to do leaf collect

• 6 AOB

· Christmas lights –
· Confirm a second round of defib training at Newchurch Methodist Church. SC to arrange with the church and spread the word

• 7 Date of next meetings/upcoming events in the area Regular meetings:

‐ Wednesday 18th November 2015 at 7pm at the Boars Head (quiz starts at 9pm.)
‐ Tuesday 16th February 2016 at 7.30pm.
‐ Wednesday 18th May 2016 at 7pm (quiz starts at 9pm).
‐ Thursday 15th September 2016 at 7.30pm – AGM followed by regular meeting.
‐ Tuesday 8th November 2016 at 7.30pm.

• Other Events

· Newchurch Primary School Macmillan coffee morning Thursday 24th September 2015 at 9.30am
· Boars Head Macmillan Coffee morning Saturday 26th September 11.30am. Bring your own cakes/biscuits to share.
· Saturday 17th October steak night (wine and 2 steaks for £20). Book in advance with Margaret from 7‐9pm.
· Family Halloween party 31st October 2015 from 5pm
· Friday 20th November Whisky Chorus at St Nicholas’s Church (evening)
· Garden Tidy up Saturday 7th November 2015 at 2pm
· Christmas carols – Date in December to be confirmed. Tuesday 15th December? TBC.
· Ladies Night Christmas do at the Boars – December
· Newchurch Choir in December too. Date to be confirmed.
· New Kirk Fair on 2nd July 2016 – Date to be confirmed

• Newchurch Village Community Association – Chairs Report 2015

This is the year we finally got to see the installation of a defibrillator in the community garden and thanks must go, once again, to all parties involved in this. A number of members of the group have successfully completed basic first aid training now including the use of defib machines. It must be remembered that up and down the country, more and more of these life‐saving machines are being installed and training is crucial to giving people the confidence to use them wherever they may be. We are looking to arrange further training sessions within the community over the next twelve months. Despite the fact that there have not been any planning applications in respect of the bowling green; that and the car park, remains unused and unkempt and we should consider looking to progress it’s return to community access. In 2013 poor weather prevented the Carol Singing from taking place in December but the residents of Staghills and local areas were not so fortunate this time! A collection bucket was taken round this time and approximately £40 was collected which was put towards the defibrillator fund.

January saw an array of pantomime costumes arrive at The Boars Head for an entertaining evening including a game of Who Am I which threw up some interesting choices and a depth of general knowledge which would make any quiz team proud! For once, the sun shone down on us at The Kirk Fair held in early July and the donation of funds to enable us to purchase a couple of gazebos was used to shield us from the sun as opposed to the usual rain which usually seems to go hand in hand with our events. An evening of Wild West entertainment at The Boars Head was an enjoyable end to a successful day. I think we should measure the success of the group not by the financial state of the bank balance but by its ability to draw local people closer together. No matter what part you have played in the last twelve months; be it paying subscriptions, baking cakes, putting notices in the noticeboard, tidying the garden, attending meetings or even babysitting so that someone else may attend an event – THANK YOU! I would like to finish by thanking Rachael for her fantastic record and minute keeping, Iain’s meticulous bookkeeping and to The Boars Head for allowing us to meet in the pub.

* Note

Members can obtain a copy of the Annual General Meeting(AGM) report and the audited accounts by email form the Sectretary - secretary@newchurch-village.co.uk