Minutes from NVCA meeting
Held at Boars Head, Newchurch
7.00pm 9th September 2014

• Annual General Meeting Minutes

* See Note at foot of page.

Minutes from Regular Meeting 7.45pm

• 1 Apologies and Introductions

Rachel Hadj, Sam Gildert, Stephen Cudworth, Jo Irving.
Present – Simone, Iain, Rachael Gildert, Jo Blair, Julie, Lesley, Ken, Janet, Shirley, Shelley, Wilf, Sue, Julia Barrow, Geoff and Natalie (came a bit later), Also present: Cllr Marriott.

• 2 Bowling Green and Way Forward

· Agreed that we as a group could not speak on behalf of the 116 objections that were submitted. We can only speak for ourselves. Suggest that they have their own public meeting and we will attend. RG to put this forward to Richard Elliott as a way forward for them but our views as NVCA have not changed – reinstatement is the only option we want.
· Jake Berry has offered his help as a property lawyer if we need him. John Woodcock MP and Will Straw have offered their support too.
· Simone to ask Will if he wanted to take up Sport England’s comments and ask RBC about reinstatement.
· A new contact person at Sport England who wrote most recent objection. Can we follow this up? Can they put pressure on the council to ask them to reinstate the green?
· Are any of the ex‐bowlers keen to get involved again? Most of group agreed we would give it a go if the green was reinstated. RG to make a poster up as a call to ex bowlers to ask them to come to the next meeting. Make flyers to give out too. We’ve managed to reject 4 applications to date so it’s worth fighting for.
· Janet to find out some addresses.
· Simone to contact bowling league to ask for their support.

• 3 Asset of Community Value

· Suggested that we register the pub, green and car park as an Asset of Community Value.
· Look into ‘Asset Value Bank’ for loans
· We would need to set up a CIC (Community Interest Company) to reclaim gift aid, and then set up an operating company beneath it to manage the pub.
· A company costs £50 to set up, £150 to set up CIC. Iain to look into this further

• 4 New Kirk Fair

‐ Saturday 13th June 2015 – Iain to check with church re weddings on that day, and group to check if they know of other conflicting events.

• 5 Christmas Carol Update/Events

‐ Geoff and other musicians want to have a Christmas carol concert in Boars on Sunday 21st December 2014. Time TBC. During the day
‐ Monday 15th December, meet at 6 for 6.30 start.
‐ Invite Churches to join in too

• 6 NVCA Dinner

· Fancy Dress dinner in Friday 30th January 2015
· Pantomime themed

• 7 Garden Update/Tidy Ups

· Bulb planting/general tidy dates‐ Saturday 4th October 2pm. Pie and peas – cost to be confirmed and we’ll need to book numbers.
· Leaf picking dates – TBC. Call a meeting nearer the time.

• 8 AOB

· Simone did round the hills at weekend but can’t set up Just Giving unless you are a charity apparently .Iain to look into CIC status.
· Heritage weekend this weekend at St Nicholas’s Church, Tower also open if weather is good.
· Raising funds for events for NCVA stuff – collection buckets etc. Co
· Defib costs – £1265 for electricity connection plus £1000 for lighting too. Collect money when we do carol singing for it too. All to think of other fundraising options. Midnight walks?
· RG to contact Lee Childs to see if there are other locations (eg outside Green Meadows former sheltered accommodation).
· NVCA Logo – established heads now so Simone to approach local schools. Get press involved and £20 book voucher incentive (generously donated by BIB) or similar (winner, and 2 runner up prizes).

• 9 Date of next meetings/upcoming events in the area

· 27th September 10‐12.30 Macmillan coffee morning at Zion Baptist Church. Contributions to cake/biscuits gratefully received.
· Also Newchurch Methodist Church event on Saturday 27th September at 2pm, £3 entry – Trinity Singers.
· 15th December 6pm, carol singing.
· 30th January 2015 – NVCA Fancy Dress dinner.

* Note

Members can obtain a copy of the Annual General Meeting(AGM) report and the audited accounts by email form the Sectretary - secretary@newchurch-village.co.uk