Minutes from NVCA meeting
Held at Boars Head, Newchurch
7.30pm 24th September 2013

• 1 Apologies

Apologies - Mick, Sam, Stephen, Rachel and Alex Hadj, Paddy Marriott, Cllr Barnes, Simon and Jo, Natalie, Brian

• 2 Previous Minutes

Helping out to clear graveyard. Said we would help but not take the lead. Especially get involved in the listed monuments/graves as overgrown and hard to find. And it belongs to the village. Group agreed to get involved in this activity (clear a path to it and around the actual grave). Have new group member who is a church warden which might make the liaison between us and the church better.
Football club – contacted council who gave us contact details for owner. Simone sent official letter. Chase this up with council for some enforcement as schools are back now.

• 3 Garden Party Review

• Agreed it was a great day
• £348.16 of which £86.46 was donation for church
• Set out tables and chairs officially beneath gazebo next year for people to sit out. Also be better prepared for bad weather just in case.

• 4 New Kirk Fair update

10th May 2014
Don’t want to get too carried away, but start off small and see how we get on, remembering the ethos of our group to work for the community
Also if we go too large and have something in the school field and it rains, it might be a lot of effort for very little reward. So perhaps make it like a slightly larger garden party.
Need to check we are not holding it on the same day as local school events.

• 5 Bowling Green/Planning Update

- No news as yet but have new contact at Planning – Ruth.
- New application for Dark Lane in the pipeline apparently.

• 6 Garden Update

• 10 strawberry plants to go in this autumn.
• Next tidy up date to clear leaves – Saturday 26th October from 2pm for an hour or so
• Perhaps stretch to more bulbs this year, paid for from NVCA
• Ask council to significantly lower the hedge between the two areas of the garden.
• Council want to charge £35/year to empty the brown bin but this hasn’t been confirmed yet.

• 7 Christmas Activities

- Carol singing.
– IB to help confirm dates with church on Sunday and agree dates. Suggest Wednesday 18th December at 6.30pm for 7pm start. To be confirmed.
- Christmas supper of NVCA – Suggest Tuesday 10th December at 7pm for Venison stew with Dumplings at £6 per head. Please confirm if you want to attend so we can let Margaret know in advance. Cheese pie for veggies.

• 8 AOB

• Natalie to liaise with St Peters PTA members for upcoming events so we can coordinate with them as a group. And we can help each other out eg. Stuff in the noticeboard.
• Civic trust – RM is now a member and will report ba.ck
• First responders – Simone contacted them and said they are happy to come to a meeting and show us what they do. RM to check the costings again and forward to the group at our next meeeting in November. Could put a box at Asda to help raise some funds towards the defib box. Coordinate with the churches, schools, etc to try to raise the funding for a box in the village. Also Val Smith is a First aid Trainer and is qualified to use the defib equipment. Go to local businesses such as Health Centre, local schools, churches, local businesses, residents.
• Neighbourhood Forum Meeting Tuesday 1st October at 6.30 at Positive Start on Bury Road in Rawtenstall (opposite the Fire Station). RM to get details to forward to group.
• Potholes – report them to MP Jake Berry – jake.berry.mp@parliament.uk or at http://www.potholepatrol.tk/
• Whiskey chorus this Saturday 7 – 10pm 28th September

• 9 Date of next meeting

• Tuesday 19th November at 7.30 – THE AGM followed by the regular meeting.
• Carol Singing – Wednesday 18th December. Meet at 6.30pm for 7pm start.
• NVCA supper – Tuesday 10th December at 7pm with venison stew and dumplings. £6 per head. Cheese pie for veggies