Minutes from NVCA meeting
Held at Boars Head, Newchurch
7.00pm 23rd November 2016

• 1 Apologies

Sam Gildert, Stephen Cudworth, Natalie Ashworth, Sue and Geoff Heaton, Danny Allen and Cherry, Paddy Marriott, Shelley Carter, Jo Blair


Simone, Iain, Rachael Gildert, Julia Barrow, Janet Meleleu, Wilf Day, Peter Fell

• 2 Matters Arising

• Carol event - see below
• NVCA Dinner – see below
• Dark Lane Development– still people on the site surveying etc but nothing has been submitted to Development Control. Developers have told Sport England that improvements will be made elsewhere (Marl Pits) as part of the agreement but group not sure there is much space for this unless they upgrade existing facilities rather than creating a new one
• RG to ask Paddy Marriott re buses in Newchurch. Is there any news or update on the possibility of rerouting a buses to Newchurch?
RG confirmed the approximate date of Christmas lights turn on is in or around December 1st.

3 New Kirk Fair

• Decided to hold the event in the second weekend in Saturday 9th September 2017 to coordinate with Heritage Open Weekend.
• Between 2-5pm
• Possibly at St Nicks so we can get visitors to explore the Church and tower.

4 Christmas Carol concert

• Now arranged Monday 19th December at 6.45pm at the Park with Water Band. SC to check what they want to play and how long they can stay. Guides to come and help too.
• People to bring torches, head torches, candles etc
• RG to do poster for noticeboard and circulate and email NVCA group.
• Put up poster in Library - RG
• Collection tins on the night – anyone to bring if they have one.
• RG to send to RBC What’s On.
• IB to put in Church notices.
• Book pie and peas at Boars (pay for out of NVCA funds?) RG/SC to liaise with Margaret re numbers. If more than 20 then we can’t do this as the pub is already booked for darts.
• Agreed that all dates of local events to be put onto Facebook and our website. RG to ask Danny if he can arrange this if the information is provided.
• Stephen to put up a gazebo on the night.

5 NVCA Dinner

- SC to speak to Shelley re available dates in January for Bare Arts in Stacksteads.

- Details to be circulated as and when known

6 Gardening Update

- RBC have now completed the hedge trimming and other agreed works over the past few weeks.
- RBC officers suggested we could get a camera with an app linked to your phone so you can watch and see who it is. Then report it.
- RG to check if there is a camera we could borrow from the Council - In the meantime, put up a CCTV camera warning on a couple of trees which look official. RG to order a couple of metal ones from Limelight Signs.

Funding update

- £270 already received from LCC and RBC grants towards general garden repairs
- Waiting to hear if we have been successful with a bid to Lancashire Environmental Fund for £950 for the rest of the works. We should know in early December. Then we can order the works. This includes a dog poo bag dispenser. RG to arrange.

7 Treasurers Report

Year ending 31st Dec 2015
£391.21 in the account
Agreed that these would be sent off for approval. IB to arrange.
Year to date 2016
• Got more members than last year – 45 so far.
• New Kirk fair – Raised £480 after donations.
• Grants - £270 so far.
• Slightly higher costs for the web provider as we secured 2 more domain names.
• Around £1000 in the account to date excluding the funding for the garden project so far.
IB suggested he push the ‘Friends of NVCA’. Minimum donation of £25 for this. New shop on Top Barn Lane we could approach.
Group agreed that if we got turned down for the grant for the garden, we would fund the works ourselves.


• RG has contacted RBC re the darkness of Top Barn Lane and amount of fallen leaves on the ground and the dangerous slippery state of the road. Waiting for the path to be swept by RBC and waiting to hear what LCC are going to do about the lights/trees.

9 Date of next meetings/upcoming events in the area

Regular meetings:

• Tuesday 21st February 2017 at 7.30pm
• Thursday 25th May 2017 at 7.30pm
• Tuesday 12th September 2017 at 7.30pm (AGM followed by regular meeting)

Other Events

• 7th December – Christmas Market at the Boars Head. 6-9pm
• 16th December Choir from 7pm
• 18th December Entertainment from 4pm
• Monday 19th December – NVCA Carols in the Garden
• 21st December Christmas Quiz from 9pm
• 27th December Harriet Williams, Singer from 5pm
• 28th December Paddy’s Quiz from 9pm
• Saturday 9th September 2017 NEW KIRK FAIR