Minutes from NVCA meeting
Held at Boars Head, Newchurch
7.30pm 19th November 2013

• Annual General Meeting 7.30pm

* See Note at foot of page.

Minutes from Regular Meeting 8pm

• 1 Apologies and Introductions

Mick, Sam, Stephen, Rachel and Alex Hadj, Paddy Marriott, Simon and Jo, Brian, Shelley Carter, Ken Slaughter, Peter Fell, Caroline Taylor, Phil Booth.
Present – RM, Iain and Jo, Natalie, Cllr Barnes, Geoff Heaton, Julia, Wilf, Malcolm and Val Smith, Simone, Janet, Diana Rawstron

• 2 New Kirk Fair

‐ Had enquiry from St Nicholas’s Church about joining with NCVA for a larger event. Simone thought that they would have to operate under title of ‘New Kirk Fair’ and coordinate the whole event together otherwise the event might lose its way. Jo to go back to Church Wardens to discuss it with them.
‐ Simone to invite St Peter’s Church and Methodist Church too so everyone can get involved. Also St Peter’s School.

• 3 Community Right to bid

Simone gave update – group can submit to have a right to buy land (eg bowling green and car park) if funds can be found within a 6 month timescale. The sale can’t progress during this 6 month period.
‐ Cllr Barnes to look into implications to RBC for sale of land instead of buildings (as can be liable for costs incurred by landowner). And does it matter that the land is already for sale?

• 4 Christmas Carol update

‐ Wednesday 18th December at 6.30pm at the Boars for 7pm start.
‐ Everyone try to get as many people involved as we can to swell the numbers
‐ St Mary’s in Goodshaw might let us have copies – Cllr Barnes to ask Denise if we can borrow one
‐ Iain can then get copies made for us to keep for future
‐ Anyone know any musicians who might want to get involved?

• 5 NVCA Supper

‐ Tuesday 10th December at 7pm ‐ £6 per head.
‐ Put a call out for numbers and confirm with Margaret by end of week

• 6 Garden update

‐ Another leaf picking session needed – Sunday 24th at 2pm for half an hour Volunteers would be great!

• 7 AOB

Natalie – next Tuesday a Christmas shopping event at Boars at 7pm. Sweets, beauty products etc, good chance to get Christmas presents
District News at Free Press doesn’t include Newchurch – probably under Waterfoot but not specifically mentioned. Write on behalf of NVCA and link to our website.
Iain – proposed thanks to Chair.
Cllr Barnes – promoting County Member Grants via Cllr Barnes. Still some funding available. Possibly a seat for the garden. Need to get prices for grant application – around £500 potentially.
Ice rink in Rawtenstall town centre from Friday 29th to Sunday 8th December.

• 8 Date of next meetings/events

Tuesday 10th December at 7pm – NVCA Christmas supper Wednesday 18th December 6.30pm – Carol Singing. Meet at pub for 7pm start.
Other meetings as above.

* Note

Members can obtain a copy of the Annual General Meeting(AGM) report and the audited accounts by email form the Sectretary - secretary@newchurch-village.co.uk