Minutes from NVCA meeting
Held at Boars Head, Newchurch
7.00pm 13th November 2012

• Annual General Meeting 8.00pm

* See Note at foot of page.

• 1 Apologies

Rachel and Alex Hadj, Julie Barrow and Peter Fell, Ken Slaughter, Julie and Jo, Stephen Cudworth, Brian Meleleu, Malcolm and Val Smith (missed the AGM part of the meeting)

NewKirk Fair Meeting Minutes

1. When

Sunday 5th May – May Day bank holiday Sunday.

2. Where

On Church Street, in the community garden and beer garden of the Boars Head

3. Committee Members

• Shelley
• Janet
• Rachel Hadj – has volunteered to do a stall or facepainting.
• Alex Hadj – has volunteered to do music/sound systems.

4. Stalls

• Suggested a craft theme with displays of local hobbies, crafts, baking etc.
• Check out the local Christmas markets for ideas and themes (eg Clogs on the Cobbles in Rawtenstall on 2nd December). Get advice.
• Include all local schools and churches and businesses/pub and make sure to include residents from sheltered accommodation. Schools might want to put on plays or presentations. Rossendale Dance and Drama might want to be involved too. Aim is to encourage people to the village, not to make money at this stage.
• Schools might be able to make something in advance that gets judged on the day.
• Bake off competition?
• Plan of site needed so areas can be sectioned off. RM to do this.
• Stacksteads/Water Brass Band to be invited?
• Simone to approach St Nicholas’ School and the Methodist Church
• Tony to approach St Peters School and Church
• Natalie to approach Staghills Nursery and the Dance School
• Iain to approach St Nicholas’s Church
• Stephen to speak to Brandwood residents
• Draft letter to be written by Simone that can be used when contacting schools/churches.
• Any proceeds to be agreed but could be used for the group or towards the play area at Staghills?

5. AOB

• Cllr Barnes suggested that Vincent Clegg at RBC Event Committee might be able to help us arrange the event and work within all the guidelines.
• Also the Neighbourhood Forum might have some funding available for another 12 months that we could apply for towards the event costs.

6. Carolling

• Natalie to get copies of hymns together
• RM to do map of area so we can plan a route

7. Planning

• Tony suggested the bowling green could be a Village Green. Cllr Marriott to look into this and get back to group.
• Development Control meeting next Tuesday 20th at 6.30. RM to speak against this and update the group.
• Wait to her about Dark Lane proposals
• Shelley asked if the new boundary document of Lives and Landscapes could be tweaked to put the bowling green in the green belt but Cllr Marriott said that it was mainly for areas already along the boundary and couldn’t really include areas already within the urban boundary.
• Surveyors were on site at the bowling green last week but we have had no news yet. Wait to hear.

8. Date of Next NewKirk Fair Meeting

15th January 2013 at 7.30. NB – Carol singing is on 18th Dec starting in pub at 6.30 for 7pm.

* Note

Members can obtain a copy of the Annual General Meeting(AGM) report and the audited accounts by email form the Sectretary - secretary@newchurch-village.co.uk