Minutes from NVCA meeting
Held at Boars Head, Newchurch
8.00pm 8th November 2011

• 1 Apologies

Sam Gildert, Ken Slaughter, Simon Ward, Jo Oiver Shirley Suthers and Steven Cudworth (who came later on)

• 2 Minutes from last meeting

Agreed as a correct record

• 3 Confirmation of Members

1. Jo and Iain Blair
2. Ken Slaughter
3. Rachael and Sam
4. Simone and Stephen
5. Geoff and Sue Heaton
6. Simon Ward and Jo Oiver
7. Jo and Juie
8. Shelley
9. Juia and Callum Burrows
10. The Day family
11. Nataie Ashworth
12. Rachael
13. Lesley James
14. Francis Lord
15. Malcolm and Val Smith
16. Sue Davies
17. Shirley Suthers
18. Robert Knight
19. Brian and Janet
20. Claire Farrer
21. Phil Redciffe

• 4 Formal ratification of the constitution

Reverend Sue Davies – proposed, Lesley – seconded.
Voting – unanimously in favour of accepting the constitution.

• 5 Election of officers

Simone Cudworth – Chair
Sam Gildert – vice chair
Iain Blair – Treasurer
Rachael Marsden - secretary
Nataie Ashworth – fundraising officer
Other positions still to fill:
- Pubicity officer
- Special projects officer


• General Meeting Minutes (immediately after the EGM)

• 1 Charity Update

- £1500 raised to date from the charity midnight walk, party and Saturday night which will be spit to £750 to Breakthrough Breast Cancer and £750 for Rossendale Hospice. (NB – money raised from the run is not included in this).

- New events will be arranged for 2012 for mens charities.

• 2 Carol Singing

All churches in the area will join together in carol singing which will end at the Boar’s Head for mince pies and wine. The provisional date is Thursday 15th December, starting at 7.30 till 9pm. If anyone has any lanterns or instruments, feel free to bring them along. Children are allowed but only if supervised by adults. NB – since this date was agreed, the date has been changed to Tuesday 13th December 7.30 till 9pm.

• 3 Planning Situation Update

We have 21 days from the date the notice goes up to respond to the planning appication. This has now gone up and we have till 6th December to respond.

Drawings have been put on the Newchurch Village website for everyone to look at.

- Cllr Crawforth has already asked for the appication to be called in which means it has to go to Council Planning Committee. If this happens, we will each have the chance to speak against the appication for 3 minutes.

- We will make leaflets and hand them out around the village to try and get more people to write to the council against the appication.

- Perhaps do a petition as well? - Juie and Jo’s deeds might show that they actually own some of the land that Hurstwoods are proposing to build on. They will look into this.

- Jo is going to submit some Freedom of Information requests to the council about the decision making for planning decisions that she thinks might be helpful to this appication.

- Simone will submit an objection on behalf of the Newchurch Village Community Association.

- Shelley Carter has emailed the group with her response to the last appication which will be really helpful for this new appication.

• 4 Any Other Business

- If anyone has any photos of the village taken recently, can these be emailed to Iain for the website?

- RBC have a ‘Call for Sites’ where we can submit sites to be designated as different uses eg greenspace, housing, supermarkets etc). Group to attend meetings where possible to put forward sites to be protected from development.

- Social night – all suggestions gratefully received to Nataie Ashworth

- The garden area – RM to contact Robert Airey at RBC with our constitution and contact details to set the ball roling to take on the lease of the site. Simone to sort insurance for the site too. Responsibiities to be agreed with RBC so the group don’t have to take on things that they can’t maintain (eg hedges, walls and paths)

- RM to email Gemma Rooke from RBC with our constitution for reference so she has a point of contact if anything is happening in our area.

- RM to pass Ken’s appication form to Malcolm for his files.