Minutes from NVCA meeting
Jubilee meeting
Held at Boars Head, Newchurch
8.00pm 17th May 2012

• 1 Apologies and introductions

Apologies – Shelley Carter, Ken Slaughter, Jo Blair, Sam Gildert, Jo and Juie, Sue Davies and Stephen Cudworth who came later.

Introductions – Jane Giles and Les Reid, campanologists from St Nicholas’ Church.

• 2 Minutes from last meeting

Apologies to Cllr Winder who did not receive a copy of the minutes from the last meeting.

RM has agreed to ensure he is on the email ist and receives our updates. RM to take off Cllr Winder’s name from actions from the last minutes – a typo.

Went through action points:

Simone discussed the pros and cons of pubishing the letter from Crystal Holdings regarding the bowing green. She made the decision not to pubish as we weren’t sure that the story would be printed the way we would want it and also that it might scare people off with the thought of travellers. Cllr Winder gave us a new contact at the Free Press – Stuart Pike.

The yellow ines have been reinstated at St Nicholas’s School so big thanks to Cllr Winder for chasing this up.

Waterfoot Centre – RM gave update to say that the results had been collated but that the scheme was a bit up in the air because the Council might have plans for the area. But the results that have been collated from the group and from Waterfoot residents will still be useful in the scheme.

• 3 Jubilee Update

The grant funding bid for £100 was successful. Simone said that we are already covered under our insurance for the event so the £50 that was in the bid towards this could go to other things required for the event such as paper plates, forks, glasses, crayons and books (in case it rains), crown icing kits, equipment for crown making etc. MAKE SURE TO KEEP RECEIPTS.


1pm start of events and registering for treasure hunt

2-3pm games and activities.

3pm St Nicholas’ church bell peals till either 3.45. Also the Church and tower will be open afterwards to the pubic for anyone who wants to visit.

3.45pm Music and singing by Katie Fell and iam

4pm treasure hunt completion games

5pm results of treasure hunt

Facepainting – Rachel Hadj and Sue Heaton

Tombola – Jo Blair but need volunteers to help label everything. And more items donated please.

Treasure hunt – Simone said she would help Nataie if she needs it.

The Campanologists have donated 4 train tickets for the ELR which can be used for the raffle prizes.

Simone will remind the schools about the design a crown competition

RM to design posters, leaflets and a banner (that Iain can get made). Leaflets to be deivered this week, Wilf and Geoff Heaton volunteered. Include maps to show who and where to deiver the leaflets. Simone said she would go to Brandwood herself with leaflets.

Need to agree which charities the proceeds would go to. Agreed that 75% would go to Theo’s Leap and 25% to the Queen’s preferred charity. Need to confirm and pubish the exact details beforehand. RM and Iain to investigate.

An appication has been put forward for the creation of an allotment at the end of Greendale Avenue. This includes a static caravan storage, greenhouse, and large shed as well as ground modeling and hard standing. Some work has already been undertaken. RM noted that a previous appication for almost the same thing was rejected in 2010 but this was for someone to ive in the caravan. Not sure what the difference would be between the original appication and this so why should this be accepted? The reasons for the original rejection were that it wasn’t appropriate in a Countryside Area.

Nataie to let Mark Schofield know about the appication because we’re not sure he would have been notified by the Council about the appication.

Cllr Winder to look into the appication from a LCC Highways appication as well as the Rights of Way to get their perspective on the appication.

Claire to let the Council know that some of the appication is retrospective as the hard standing and ground modeling has already taken place.

Register for the weekly Council updates and put a contact forward for the key point of contact for future developments in the area.

Cllr Winder suggested that someone from the group should meet the Planners on site to discuss it with them directly.

• 5 69 Church Street

RM spoke to Richard Eliott about it and he said that another appication will be submitted just not sure when.

6 Website Update

There will soon be a Secretary’s page on the website in the coming weeks that will have summaries of the minutes and anything else relevant.

7 Any Other Business

Nataie said there is a charity football math between the veterans and the new team. The date might be 30th June (will be confirmed). Volunteers are welcome for either team. There will also be a presentation in the evening for the team at the Boars.

Cllr Winder said he has £3000 available to give to groups in his area and we are welcome to bid for a bit of it. He suggested a noticeboard in the village might be a good idea. RM to print off the forms and have a look at them and get quotes for boards. RM might also look into other funds - £500 from RBC and £500 from Green Partnership Awards towards garden costs such as soil, bark mulch, plants.

• 8 Next Meeting

Jubilee Mtg – Tues 29th May at 8pm – Apologies from Rachael in advance as she is away.

Tuesday 17th July at 8pm for the next regular Newchurch meeting (unless something happens in the meantime regarding the bowing green).