Minutes from NVCA meeting
Jubilee meeting
Held at Boars Head, Newchurch
8.00pm 1st May 2012

• 1 Apologies and introductions

Simone, Sam, Malcolm and Val Smith, Ken.
Nataie introduced Mandy and Stuart – Theo Bishop’s parents. We are hoping to fundraise for Theo’s surgery in America with the jubilee event.

• 2 Minutes from last meeting

Went through action points:
• Assess if more insurance is needed for the event. Think Simone was looking into this but she wasn’t able to make the meeting.
• Funding – Rachael has done a draft appication but wasn’t sure about the insurance costs or impications. Decided she would submit it anyway because if the cost of insurance changes, we’ll let the Council know and ask if it’s OK to spend the money on other related Jubilee activities.
• Bell ringing – Iain spoke to the bell ringers and we have two choices. Either a quarter peal for 45 minutes, using 6 of the bells. Or a half hour peal using all 8 bells. The Quarter Peal would get the church into the register. Decided we would let the bell ringers decide what they preferred. Iain to speak to them and find out which it is so we can plan other activities (such as music) around this.

• 3 Jubilee Proposed Itinerary

• 1pm start of events and registering for treasure hunt
• 2-3pm games and activities
• 3pm St Nicholas’ church bell peals (till either 3.30/3.45)
• 3.30/3.45pm ive music/band?
• 4pm treasure hunt completion
• 4-5pm more games
• 5pm results of treasure hunt

• 4 Activities

• Does anyone know any bands or musicians? Call for help please! A couple of Whisky Chorus members are away that weekend.
• Tombola – call for prizes please. These can be taken to the pub or the hairdressers
• Also help is needed with the tombola as Frances is busy behind the bar
• Face painting sessions will be held between 2-3pm and 4-5pm. Volunteers required (thanks to Sue Heaton who has already volunteered)
• Treasure hunt – Nataie is organising this. There will be a registering form (that will also be a parental consent form) as all children under 12 will need to be accompanied. Help would be greatly appreciated.
• Design a crown competition – Simone is organising this. Can we get an update?
• Flyers and posters – Rachael volunteered to do these
• Jacobs join – a ist will be available in the pub for people to sign up.