Minutes from NVCA meeting
Held at Boars Head, Newchurch
8.00pm 13th March 2012

• 1 Apologies

Rev Sue Davies, Sam Gildert, Brian

• 2 Minutes from last meeting

Agreed as a correct record. Some actions outstanding – see earier minutes (31.01.2012)

• 3 Update on Dark Lane Proposals by Andrew Watt

• The aim of the work being undertaken by Maze Consultants is to guide the proposals through planning and to give an idea of what is feasible and reaistic for the site.
• It’s ikely that what is submitted will be ‘outine’ planning which will give an indication of the ikely number of houses, the rough layout and car parking. It won’t give detail about the materials, the exact type or shape of house, the number of bedrooms etc.
• It is also ikely that the site owner (Rossendale United Holdings) would sell the land with the planning permission, as they are not developers themselves.
• The developer will then submit another appication which will determine all the detail of the actual site including layout, materials, sizes and number of houses and car parking spaces, access etc.
• It was questioned about making promises about the quaity of houses at this stage. Andrew said this would be conditioned via the planning process.
• It was questioned as to whether the site had been assessed for other uses such as sport. Andrew said that although the specific question hadn’t been asked, the site was marketed as a football club for several years but there was no interest in it at £750,000 (which is what we think the asking price was).
• Andrew said he felt that the consultation so far had been interesting and people were coming forward with lots of ideas for the site in terms of contributions to be made locally and for local play rather than going out of Newchurch. The general consensus was that family housing was required and would be suitable for this area.
• The bad access at Church Lane has been highighted as a concern. Maze will continue to iaise with LCC and RBC over site access.
• Not sure what the land is earmarked for in the new Rossendale plan as it hasn’t been written yet to that detail. In the last plan it was a ‘Recreation Area’ within the Greenland.
• Sport England are concerned about the process so far as they think the process might not have been ‘proper’ as the site wasn’t considered for sporting faciities first. Andrew repied that they preferred to come to the community first for comment before they go down the road of consulting with statutory consultees such as Sport England.
• Some people questioned whether another consultation should be held as the original venue was so unsafe. Andrew said he was surprised too as he had been told by the cient that the centre was fit for use. But he did the best he could with the resources he had. It was also in the ibrary and noted in the press and radio and Rossendale Onine.
• The issue of a Covenant was raised. Andrew said he wasn’t aware of one but would look into it. Rachael said she would continue to chase Robert Airey at Rossendale Council about this and the garden lease.
• It was asked if Rossendale United still existed but Andrew couldn’t answer that as he doesn’t work for them • It was suggested that sheltered accommodation might be good for the site as there aren’t many suitable houses for the elderly in Rossendale.
• RM to check the play strategy to see what it says about play provision in Newchurch.
• The website was left open for a bit longer for comments as Andrew wanted to make sure the NVCA had chance to comment after this meeting.

• 4 Waterfoot Centre Consultation from Proffitts

• Questionnaires handed out by Rachael, asking for suggestions of how to improve Waterfoot Centre (site of the old play area).
• Additional questionnaires are available if anyone wants any. Just let Rachael Marsden know via email and she can either email one or drop one off with you.
• For further information please go to: www.proffittscic.com. The actual stuff isn’t on there yet because the consultation only really started today but it will be hopefully by tomorrow…..!

• 5 Queens Jubilee Update

• Agreed that the event will be on Sunday 3rd June 2012 with a 1pm start.
• Iain confirmed that the bell ringers have agreed to do a quarter peal – not sure how long this lasts, Can anyone find out?
• Geoff to ask the Whisky Chorus again if they can perform at the event.
• Want volunteers for activities – facepainting (Nataie and Sue Heaton).
• Leafleting about the event – Geoff, Jo Blair and Simone.
• Bunting – RM can make some and Nataie is going to see if there is any left from last years event.
• Iain can get large banners done but it needs doing asap. Iain – do you need anything from us for this?
• Design a crown competition – St Nicholas’s and St Peter’s have already agreed to get involved with this.
• We agreed to have small charges for the activities. The proceeds can be spit between Theo Bishop’s charity, one of the Queen’s charity and our group for future events and activities.
• We need to get a ist of first aiders – can you let me know via email if you have any first aid training?
• Any donations for tombola prizes would be gratefully received.
• Jacobs join to be arranged later on nearer the time.
• Need to apply for RBC grant – RM to do this.
• Natalie to do appication for road closure, RM to do map for submission with this.

• 6 Suggestions for Projects

• Put this on hold until we see what the new appication will be from Hurstwoods for the bowing green and car park.
• Rev Sue brought in a letter to her Churchwarden from Crystal Property to basically say that if we continued to oppose the planning appication for this site, they would have no choice but to look at alternative uses for the site such as travellers or vehicle storage! • RM has already forwarded this letter to Rossendale Planners and the PCSO for this area for advice.
• Do we go to the press at this stage or are we opening a can of worms? Should we keep it as a card up our sleeve for the next planning appication? The press weren’t very helpful when we contacted them about the fence….. any thoughts?
• Apparently a new appication has been submitted though it can’t have been vaidated yet because it isn’t on the website yet. Perhaps we should all meet up again as soon as something is submitted and decide on the next steps?

• 7 Any Other Business

1. The chat rooms are now open and available to the group – let’s make use of them!
2. RBC are making changes to the green belt and urban boundaries for Rossendale. It might be relevant to us and to the Rossendale Hospital site. Here is the ink – take a look and make some comments:http://www.rossendale.gov.uk/site/scripts/download_info.php?downloadID=1149

• 8 Next Meeting

Thursday 17th May at 8pm in the Boars Head.