Minutes from NVCA meeting
Held at Boars Head, Newchurch
7.30pm 3rd June 2014

• 1 Apologies

Sam Gildert, Rachel Hadj, Janet Meleleu, Paddy Marriott, Julia Barrow, Jo Blair, Wilf Day, Stephen Cudworth, Peter Fell
Introductions – Dawn Taylor from First Responders re defibrillators.

• 2 Previous Minutes

- RG re planters/trees with flower bed around it rather than separate planters. Less consent required from LCC highways.
- Design a logo competition – wait till September as schools winding up now.
- Grants for planters and trees – LCC Member grants/Cooperative Community Fund.
- Dog mess signs put up but not having much effect yet.
- Painting the seat – go ahead from RBC so Brian could go ahead whenever he has chance.

• 3 Accounts

Ian gave a run though of end of Dec 2013 accounts which were proposed and seconded so will be sent to be audited (Shelley and Natalie). Balance of £553.27
Next set of accounts are those to date including New Kirk Fair income We have a ‘Friend of Newchurch’ (Rowan’s butchers) now and Iain will chase other businesses and interested parties. To date £896.20 to date (but some is for Church for defibs).

• 4 Defibrillators

• St Nicholas’s have been donated a defibrillator but without the actual external storage box so at present this is stored inside the church.
• Agreed that funds raised at the New Kirk Fair would go towards a box to store it outside securely and correctly working in partnership with the Church.
• Dawn from Community First Responders gave us an update on what to get, where, why and when etc.
• Gave demonstration of defibrillators – they speak to you and tell you exactly what to do so you don’t need training to use. Attach pads as directed to bare skin and the machine will do the rest by itself once it has analysed the situation. You just need to press the red button (if the machine has one – some are fully automated). If there is a rhythm then it tells you to commence CPR.
• CFR can offer 2 hours of free first aid/CPR training if we are interested.
• Code for the defib boxes is given to you by the Ambulance service and if you are within a decent distance of a box where it would be useful.
• If you have an emergency and there is no one with you, phone 999 and commence CPR and wait for help. Don’t get the defib unless it is very close to you.
• The boxes have lights and a separate bag of items (razor to shave chests, scissors for cutting clothes and a facecloth to mop chests to ensure they are dry for the pads to adhere to) which you must take with you in an emergency.
• The boxes need electricity supply to run the heater and light (heater costs £3/year). CFR have an electrician who will install them for us as well.
• Where to put it? Could be tricky at the pub, hairdressers is listed as is the Church making it difficult. RG to contact LCC Highways and see where they recommend putting it. And Dawn would come too if she was free. Outside the garden somewhere on the wall near the noticeboard? Suggesting it could go on the grass verge next to the garden on a metal post and take power from the old phone box.
• Costs for running the cable, installing a steel post and the actual box.
• Cost of box £900+ VAT for the model Dawn showed us. They also now do a green round one too which is £700+ VAT) where snow doesn’t collect on the top. Has a recessed door so water doesn’t get in. Dawn to send details to Simone.
• Geoff could install a post with a backboard and a small cover to protect it from the elements
• We have £521 from two fairs so far – money to be spent for the good of the community. Remainder could come from grants.
• Check if we would need planning consent once spoken to RBC about positioning.
• Could also go Doorknocking round the village to ask for donations towards the costs.
• St Peters have a fair on 12th July, St Nicks on 28th June and ask for donations (a wishing well type thing). Natalie to speak to Margaret at St Peter’s about fundraising ( as well as an awareness raising about NCVA and try to get more members too).
• UU grant funding too – look into this.
• Dawn recommended that we become part of ‘Community Defibs for Rossendale’ – we pay a membership each year to help pay for insurance etc.
• Can we ask the church to maintain the defib itself eg new pads, batteries, towels, razors etc? So far it is being maintained by the lady who donated it. Pads up to 2 years, batteries up to 7 years generally.
• FYI - Defibs are £650 + VAT but the do paediatric pads too and a wall hanging pad.
• Simone has Dawn’s details if we have any more queries.

• 5 New Kirk Fair Review

• Possibly have it later in the year next year and advertise better with banners and leaflets
• And try to coordinate with other local events like 2013 (eg Beer Festival, school fairs etc) to get more footfall into the village.
• RG to send out 1870 article that Paddy sent out to everyone about old Kirk Fair.

• 6 AOB

• Cllr Barnes let us know that there is funding available through the LCC Member Grants fund again if we want to apply. Reduced by a third overall but keen for us to make an application.
• Simone found a Cooperative Community Fund also available which RG and SC will look into and assess.
• Cllr Barnes to look into new bus stop for outside The Square and see if we can have a new one.
• Any other LCC queries, please direct to alysonbarnes@rossendalebc.gov.uk or 217819/07817 414248.
• Boars Head Beer festival 20th - 22nd June
• Simone is doing Relay for Life run – please sponsor her on this link: www.relayforliferossendale.co.uk Click on the link to donate and then just put in Simone Cudworth.
• ‘3, 2 Onesy Walk’ – 20th July 12.30, 3 miles around Rawtenstall with picnic in Whitaker Park from 2pm with licenced bar and DJ. Details in the Community Noticeboard.

• 7 Date of Next Meeting

• Tuesday 9th September (also AGM). Start at 7pm for AGM then main meeting follows at 7.30.
• Tuesday 18th November at 7.3