Minutes from NVCA meeting
Held at Boars Head, Newchurch
7.30pm 11th June 2013

• 1 Apologies

Apologies –Shelley and Mick, Sam, Stephen, Rachel and Alex Hadj, Frances, Peter Fell, Paddy Marriott

• 2 Garden Party Update

• Tombola
• Face painting
• Bran tub lucky dip for children
• Second hand book stall
• Cake stall
• Plant stall
• And a raffle if we get good prizes donated. We could sell tickets in the pub before the event and advertise the prizes.
• Have a membership joining area at the Party to try to recruit new members
• Design a logo for NVCA group – RM and Simone to approach schools with a template and ask for ideas to be put forward in time for the party. We can pick a winner at the party and give the winner a prize. But the group reserve the right not to choose any or to slightly tweak them to suit if necessary. SC to contact St Nicholas’s School (Deputy Head to contact as head has left) and RM will contact St Peters. RM to check if changes have been made and email out again.
• Use the church if it rains and their tables and chairs
• Gazebo from Simone and a shelter size of 4 gazebos (4.5x4.5m) if it rains or we need it.
• Flyers from Iain’s school - £10 for 500 colour copies. Iain to go ahead ith these.
• Iain to sort out the traders
• Set up on the day about 12 noon.
• Notice in noticeboard to ask people to donate books, tombolas etc.
• Posters about working parties in the noticeboard too.
• Rachael – cakes, any stall
• Simone - stall
• Jo Oliver - cakes and plants, any stall
• Rachel Hadj and Sue Heaton – face painting for an hour (Sue has the face paints). Agree time for this
• Julie – cakes, plants and a stall
• Jo Blair – tombola and cake
• Sort out the tombola evening before Friday 12th 7.30pm. Different colour ticket for alcohol so kids don’t get any booze or find a parent/carer to take it.
• Check with Tamzin if they have everything they need in terms of official forms
• Need garden working party
First Aiders
• Simon Ward
• Paddy Marriott
• Simone Cudworth (also provide a first aid box at hers in case it’s needed).

• 3 Garden Update

• Decent bags of compost for lower beds.
• Will council provide any bark mulch for the site? RM to ask
• Working party Tuesday 18th June 6.30/7 start till 8.30ish
• Working party Tuesday 9th July 6.30/7 start till 8.30ish followed by update if required to coordinate the actual party.
• Ask council if we can prune the cherry trees? Esp the bits overhanging the paths/others gardens
• Will the council mow the lawn before the event? RM to check
• Any donations of easy to grow plants would be gratefully received!

• 4 AOB

• Bury bus route around Newchurch will be reinstated by Rossendale Transport
• SPID sign is great but is in the right location? Who put it there? Ask Cllr Barnes. Better at the top of Lench View?
St Nicholas’s graveyard
• needs work and people have started to ask about it. Paths needed to hard to access graves. Is it something that the group could do and get involved with? Some headstones pulled over for safety several years ago.
• Needs strimming, cover some of the large holes with debris. Don’t want to become liable ourselves. But any helpers are doing it at their own risk. Arrange working parties?
• Simone to look into current risks for us.
• Natalie to speak to Jean or a warden and let them know what we have discussed. We would need the Manchester diocese and their surveyor to get involved from C of E if we were to do any work in the site
• Could get LEF/lottery grants but would need the diocese advice and support for this.
• Declare it a closed graveyard then the Council might take on ownership like at Goodshaw.
• Alyson Barnes is our new Councillor. Should we invite her to the meetings. Simone to officially invite her to the meetings.
• Invite Tony Winder to become an official member of the group as involved locally and very knowledgeable and send him an official thank you from the group.
New Kirk Fair
• 10th May 2014Leading
• Simone knows chair of Bacup carnival (David Morris) – ask him to come along and give us an insight of issues or best practice to guide us. Get Catherine Smythe from Free Press to come along as she is the press person for Bacup Carnival. Invite her to next meeting in September. Rossendale Football Club
• Someone tried to commit suicide on the derelict football club a few weeks ago. The site is unsafe and really dangerous as well as attracting anti-social behaviour. Can we get it made safe via councillors?
• School councillors have sent a letter to the owner
• Rossendale United Holdings are still live – Clare Connolly is now a director as Andrew Connolly stepped down last year.
• RM to contact Cllrs and Catherine Price from RBC about Section 216 notice to make it safe. Been an attempted suicide and a fire already.CC Simone and Iain too.
• Simone to contact the school too so she has details.
Football Club
Congratulations to pub football club who won Division cup, Man of the Match for division and overall for 3 divisions, Goal Scorer for division and Leading Goal Scorer for all 3 divisions. Photo on the noticeboard
Did we get a letter to confirm the application had been withdrawn? We did for the first one
• When is a temporary fence a permanent fence? Ask Richard Elliott
• Village Green – put this off as very hard to prove and as it’s recognised as a loop hole, it’s getting harder to get the status of village green.
Food at next meeting which is the AGM? Make it a full night.

• 5 Date of next meetings

• Garden working party Tuesday 18th June 6.30/7 start till 8.30ish
• Garden working party Tuesday 9th July 6.30/7 start till 8.30ish
followed by update if required to coordinate the actual party. Pie and peas at the Boars afterwards .
• Garden Party Saturday 13th July 2- 5pm
• Tuesday 10th September at 7.30 – AGM
• Tuesday 19th November at 7.30