Minutes from NVCA meeting
Held at Boars Head, Newchurch
8.00pm 17th July 2012

• 1 Apologies

Apologies – Shelley and Mick, Ken Slaughter, Julie and Jo, Sam Gildert, Sue Davies, Val Smith, Brian and Janet and Stephen Cudworth.

• 2 Minutes from last meeting

Agreed as a correct record.

Went through action points:

• RM to attend meetings re green belt/urban boundary and feed back to the group
• Cllr Marriott said to make sure the Council are aware of previous land slippage issues above Greendale Avenue which might affect the potential of the land to be used for future development.
• The charity football match organised by Natalie raised £223 – Well done!

• 3 Jubilee Update

• The event went really well and was busy all day. People asked if there were going to be more events in future.
• The entertainers charged £150 which was unexpected; it had been presumed that it would be for free as it was a charity event. The pub agreed to pay £75 towards the costs the other £75 would come from the funds raised. This was agreed by the group.
• We desperately need a receipt for this in order to complete the report to RBC – Natalie to chase with Katie.
• The event raised a total of £519.35, and all the proceeds (once costs have been paid) will be forwarded to the agreed charities.
• So far, no labels have come back from the balloons that were let loose but people enjoyed it anyway. • If anyone has any photos from the event, can they send them to Iain for the website?
• We also need to get together to send thank you letters to all the businesses and people who supported us.

4 Grant Funding

• RM to complete grant funding bids to the Northern England Horticultural Society for up to £500 for materials and plants for the garden area. Needs a copy of our accounts (showing money in and out) since we formed in excel format and signed by the treasurer.
• The LCC Grant that we want to apply for – Geoff has very kindly said he would create a noticeboard for us and provide a price that we can use to submit to Cllr Winder.
• Cllr Winder said we could add in the cost of some additional bulbs to the bid to him (which would also be beneficial in the other bid as match funding). RM to tweak the figures. It might be that the £95 planning fee might not be an eligible expense but we should include it anyway.

• 5 Planning

• RM spoke to Richard Elliott about it and he said that another application will be submitted just not sure when.
• Apparently, the owner of 69 Church Street has changed company names again. Used to be Crystal Holdings, and now they have Crystal One, Crystal Two, Crystal Three and Crystal Four.
• Also its Crystal Property and Land, not Crystal Land and Property.
• RM updated the group to a rumour that the land at the rear (bowling green and car park) might be levelled. The planners have advised that this work would be likely to require planning consent as engineering works or a change of use. So if anyone sees any work starting, contact either Rachael Marsden or Richard Elliott at the Planning Department asap.
• Think we should contact the Enforcement Team at RBC regarding the legalities of moving the bowlers off the green. RM, IB and SC to arrange to write a letter from the group as well as encourage the bowlers/Rossendale bowlers/Lancashire team to write in too. We have all the details that were submitted by Sport England in response to the last application. Cllr Marriott advised that it can take 6 months for action due to the legalities.
• Cllr Winder said he had contact details for the Bowling league whose details he would pass on. - DONE
• RM said that the Rossendale Hospital site might go to Development Control meeting in August – she will keep everyone informed.

• 6 Future Events

• Suggested that we revive Kirk Fair as an event every other year (in between Olympics and football). Suggested September 2013 as the first event.
• Geoff suggested that we organise it with a fell run like the Tor Run in Helmshore. The first point would be to contact the Rossendale Harriers/fell runners and see what dates suited them best.
• Could be like a harvest festival/beer and cider festival with hog roasts.
• We could have a small event in September this year to get people involved and ready to get involved in organising the event next year. Known as New Kirk Fair?
• We could also have our events elsewhere to try to include a wider range of residents, such as at Brandwood, Newchurch School etc.
• Arrange another date to meet and arrange the New Kirk Fair and RM to produce posters asking people to bring along their memories. Perhaps Janet Meleleu might be able to give us more advice about what it used to include as she was on the committee. Kevin Ormerod also knows about it.

• 7 Any Other Business

• Big apologies from Heather Cudworth re the paper deliveries. A bag of papers was stolen (!) before she could deliver them, so some were late.
• There are changes to the 273 bus route planned. It will be a circular route from Rawtenstall, Waterfoot and through Staghills Estate (with 3 one going the opposite way). It won’t go further afield as it does at present.
• The St Nicholas Church bells will ring on Friday 27th July when the Olympics start at 8am. Be warned!
• Green Meadows (former retirement home) has been bought by Heightside. We’ll keep everyone posted if we hear anything more.
• Cllr Winder updated the group about the school crossing at St Peters. There had been a suggestion that it used to be somewhere else. Cllr Winder has investigated this and said that is crossing number 49 which has been there since 2006 when it was taken over by LCC. Before this, the police managed it, and it was also in the same place.
• Road closure planned – Old Street, from 8am Wednesday 5th September until 5pm on Wednesday 3rd October for resurfacing. This might lead to some short term parking issues. Any queries, please contact Cllr Winder.
• A reminder that we can also use the pub noticeboard for events and activities.
• RM to chase Aled at RBC re collecting the waste from the garden area.
• Geoff has said we can use power from his shed if we need to do work in the garden. Just let him know.

• 8 Next Meeting

• Tuesday 18th September 2012 at 8pm in the Boars Head. (the development control meeting for the Rossendale Hospital Site might be on this date – apologies in advance from RM who will attend this).