Minutes from NVCA meeting
Held at Boars Head, Newchurch
8.00pm 31st January 2012

• 1 Apologies

Rev Sue Davies, Sam Gildert, Simon Ward, Rachel Hadj, Claire Farrer, Shirley Suthers, Stephen Cudworth (who came later).

• 2 Minutes from last meeting

Update given by Chair – main item is that Planning for the car park and bowling green was refused. The Carol singing was very successful and we would like to try this again for Christmas 2012.

• 3 Update on Highway Proposals from Cllr Tony Winder

20mph speed limits are to be introduced throughout Lancashire by LCC on side roads in a bid to reduce the number of road fatalities.

Helmshore is the first area in Rossendale to be trialed.

Leaflets have gone out to residents, though some residents in Newchurch have not received them. Tony will look into this. We have offered to email them around if they can be sent electronically.

The priorities for Cllr Winder are Crawshawbooth due to the number of accidents. This will happen in the second tranche. Newchurch is likely to take place in the third tranche of sites.

The dates for this are: design completed by 13th July 2012; Order placed by 21st September 2012; Cabinet approval November 2012; Work start on site November 2012 (depending on if objections are received at Cabinet). Work completed by end of Jan 2013.

Q&A – to cut down on fatal accidents, not necessarily accidents.

Q&A – the cost of the proposed scheme is less than the cost to LCC for dealing with accidents, though this is not the main reason. Cost of scheme £9.4million (but we think this is for the whole scheme).

Q&A – There used to be speed zones, controlled by speed bumps but this is more expensive and unpopular. The new scheme is speed areas, which are controlled by enforcement. This will involve the whole community via education.

Q&A – enforcement will be via PACT meetings (police and community together), through education in schools and nurseries etc.

After discussion, the residents agreed that for Newchurch it would be better to have a 20mph area around the top of Top Barn Lane/St Peters Road that is only active at school /nursery times. The rest of the day, it would be standard 30mph. This would be indicated by the flashing notices.

A very useful website for everyone is www.mario.lancashire.gov.uk

This has all relevant information about highways, as well as anything else related to LCC (rights of way, conservation areas etc).

Other questions put to Cllr Winder:

Could a crossing be installed on Newchurch Road? It can be dangerous for old people to cross the road at the top of Old Street to get to the bus stop, because of all the parked cars.

If anyone has any issues regarding specific potholes etc, then email Cllr Winder directly –Tony.Winder@lancashire.gov.uk

Simone asked about remarking the yellow zig zag lines outside Staghills School. Tony said this had been ordered but was part of blanket orders for the area.

• 4 Update on Planning

The original application was rejected by Rossendale. The main reasons for the rejection are those that are not easily overcome such as bad sightlines on the road, the loss of light to the sheltered accommodation, the loss of car parking and bowling green (and not alternative provision)

Next steps are:

The bowling team to contact the developer to ask for permission to use the green again (though Ken is poorly at the minute so it might be a few weeks

The group will write a letter to the developer to ask for the fence to be removed so the area might be used by the community

Ask the Church to write to the developer for permission to use the car park too. As Rev Sue has other things on at the minute, could Shirley Suthers or another member of the congregation do this?

Stephen has asked Robert Airey from RBC legal team about the legal stance of this piece of land. Cllr Marriott to chase this. Hoping to prove tenancy and maintenance in lieu of rent.

RM to chase the planners if the fencing is a reason for rejection.

That the church would be responsible for the safety of cars leaving the car park (i.e. appointing a banksman/lookout for manoeuvring cars).

Iain to contact Sport England for more advice on the next steps.

• 5 Charity Update/Grants

Obviously not much has happened over the Christmas period. Natalie would welcome any suggestions.

Has suggested the Race for Life (5km) or the race at Blackpool promenade.

It was suggested we support the Marl Pits 24 hour Relay race instead. Need to look into the details of this, but Cllr Crawforth is involved in this every year.

• 6 Building Work on Greendale

Claire Farrer was going to talk about this but didn’t make it. Simone updated us as far as she could. There are rumours that there will be a market garden created on this land that was allotmenlso there are rumours of a plant storage area. However, there have been no applications submitted to the planners so we can’t do anything until anything is proposed. But we will get involved if we can when plans are submitted.

• 7 Suggestions for Projects

1. Could we plant a Christmas tree on the green outside the pub? Might not be able to get lights but we could decorate it with 3 baubles. RM to ask Tamzin Percival at RBC
2. A community noticeboard installed in the garden? We could get prices and fundraise for this to advertise local events.
3.A ‘Greening Newchurch’ project to provide hanging baskets for the residents and maybe some plants/tools for the garden area? Another fundraising project.
4. Redo the memorial in the beer garden at the Boars Head. RM asked if it could be moved as it is causing damp in her kitchen. Natalie to ask the family about this and reinstating the actual plaque/stone

8 Any Other Business

• Queens Jubilee projects – arrange another street party, closing off the road at the front. Grants of £75 are available from RBC (RM to contact Tamzin Percival about this)
• Arrange a separate steering group to be in charge of arranging this. Simone and Rachael M volunteered to be involved. Meeting to be set for Tuesday 21st Feb at 8pm in the Boars Head.
• Website – RM to contact the Library for permission to use old photos on our website if credited.
• Website – Iain is going to set up a chatroom where we can discuss different projects and ideas. There can be public and private pages depending on the topic.
• Olympics - the Olympic Torch will be going through Rawtenstall on Saturday 23rd June at around 1.30 – 2pm. Not sure what RBC are doing (RM to find out from Gemma/Catherine Price and let the group know). Can we get involved at all?
• RM mentioned creating a woodland/garden in Staghills School grounds. And also being involved in Staghills Woodland project that RBC are hoping to fundraise for. RM to email Tamzin re the woodland.
• Natalie is having a special birthday party on 13th March from 7.30. Everyone welcome!
• Arrange date for working party in the garden on Church Street as Spring will nearly be here and we need to make a start. RM to send out some dates.

Next Meeting Tuesday 13th March at 8pm in the Boars Head.