Minutes from NVCA meeting
Held at Boars Head, Newchurch
7.30pm 16th February 2016

• 1 Apologies

Stephen Cudworth, Sam Gildert, Jo and Ian Blair, Danny Allen, Paddy Marriott

• 2 Minutes of Last Meeting

Agreed as correct record

• 3 Matters Arising (not covered below)

• Empty and sort out the noticeboard to remove Christmas things
• RG to contact Brenda Garside re new ‘Newchurch’ highway sign as you approach Newchurch
• Little Library – SC continuing to liaise regarding this and will report back
• £1000 raised by event at the Methodist Church for Primrose’s Wings charity
• Google calendar – need to ask if Danny can give us a run through on how to use this though he has set it up.

• 4 Park/Garden Update

• Look at potential grant for small section of fence to block off partially uncovered steps at the bottom of the garden.
• Also potential for a handrail on the steps leading to the lower part of the garden. Look at potential costs and grants for this too.
• Tidy up event day – Saturday 19th March 2-3pm before the Easter activities and events around the village.

• 5 New Kirk Fair Update and allocation of tasks

• Date changed to Saturday 9th July – same date as proposed Beer Festival at the Boars
• Natalie suggested we ‘sell stalls’ to bring in a bit more money to the group
• SC to contact Jo who had the event at the Methodist Church for their contacts and Natalie knows someone who does jewellery.
• SC to speak to St Nicks who have a new head
• Perhaps leave the leafleting and focus on social media including Facebook. Ask Danny if he is able to help with this and the website. Wilf to speak to Danny too as he is good with websites (less confident on social media)
• Also have a push with the schools and ask them to hand out leaflets.
• Ask the Churches to display posters too
• Radio Lancashire - 01254 583583. They might be able to push it too. Also Ted Robbins?

• 6 AOB

Defib training

• First Responders have said they would be happy to have more events and potentially use Newchurch Methodist Church again. SC to contact Dawn to get dates (Tuesdays seem to be a good night). See what the minimum number of people required actually is so we know how many we are aiming to recruit.


• Please pay up! Subscriptions are due now

Valley of Stone Greenway Art workshops

• RG to let them know about Kirk Fair in case they want to come along and have a stall.

Lantern Parade in October

• RG to keep the group posted if SCPG get their grant as we would be interested in getting involved.

Bare Arts Event in Todmorden

Saturday 20th February event at Bare Arts in Todmorden let Shelley know if you want to come. Shelley would arrange mini buses if there were enough people interested in sharing.

Rainbow Unit

• Simone is reopening, age 5-7 for girls in Newchurch.
• Mondays 6-7pm at Newchurch Methodist Church. Please spread the word around.

Greenvale Homes and chimney removal

• RG to email Cllr Marriott and/or Sue at Greenvale (contact for Stacksteads area) to see if he can find out more information and report back on if there is anything that can be done about this. Apparently residents are not being given an option about the removal and residents are having to pay for their own electric fire and redecorating if they have their gas fires removed. Find out more information about the situation and if anything can be done.

Tropic Skin Care Pamper night

Tuesday 23rd Feb at Gemini Salon from 6.30pm. Let Natalie know if you can attend as she needs to know numbers.

• 7 Date of Next Meeting

• Wednesday 18th May 2016 at 7pm (quiz starts at 9pm)
• Thursday 15th September 2016 at 7.30pm – AGM followed by regular meeting.
• Tuesday 8th November 2016 at 7.30pm.

Other Events in the Village

• Garden Tidy Up session Saturday 19th March 2-3pm.
• 10-12th June – events with the Churches re Queen’s birthday and The Boars will be doing something on 11th (Saturday) to celebrate. Keep an eye on the noticeboard for more news.
• 9th July – potential date for The Boars Head Beer Festival. To be confirmed.
• New Kirk Fair on 9th July 2016 alongside the Beer Festival.