Minutes from NVCA meeting
Held at Boars Head, Newchurch
7.00pm 11th February 2015

• 1 Apologies

Jo and Julie, Rachel Hadj, Stephen Cudworth, Sam Gildert, Also present: Cllr Marriott (though delayed)

• 2 Matters Arising


• 3 Subscription Due

- £5 for full member and £1 for other membership.
- Subscriptions are due by the end of February ideally.

• 4 Park/Garden

- Simone asked for suggestions and ideas of how to get more colour into the garden once the bulbs have died down.
- Date for next spring clean – Sunday 1st March 2-4pm then a few drinks afterwards.
- RG to mention the cherry tree pruning and hedge cutting back asap RG.

• 5 Noticeboard

• Could do with a tidy up. Simone has a key, so pass stuff to her.
• RG to make posters re upcoming events eg garden tidy up.
• Natalie to look if she can get posters for forthcoming fundraising events being held locally.
• Brian will repaint the seat when the weather is suitable which will really improve the look of the garden.

• 6 Defib Update

• Been a slight delay with manufacturing but hope it will be with us within the next 4 weeks. RG to chase.
• We have been given £165 from the First Responders for the post.

• 7 Christmas Lights

• If we can raise £1000, RBC will be able to match fund it for the lights. The infrastructure is already in place.
• RG to look at the Galaxy Hot Chocolate (up to £300)
• Also ASDA might be a possibility?
• Possible £50 through Shirley Suthers?

• 8 New Kirk Fair

• Date of 13th June could be tricky as lots of people are away.
• Agreed to change it to 4th July – Natalie to check if this clashes with the schools and if we can coordinate.
• An American theme with it being 4th July? Hot dogs etc?
• Set up a committee to keep the momentum going. Julia, Jo, Iain, Sue, Natalie, Shirley (as long as we don’t meet on a Saturday) and Janet have volunteered to help arrange a subcommittee to arrange it. And a tick list of actions that various people will sign up to and NA be in charge of it.
• Meeting arranged for Wednesday 4th March at 7.30

• 9 Boars Head

• Whispers going round about the future of the pub but be mindful that this is a going concern and an actual business.
• The lease is up for renewal in October 2015 and discussions have been going round about what happens next. Looking at rent review at present.
• Margaret has first refusal on the pub if someone takes on the pub or buys it etc. A sitting tenant.

• 10 Future Socials

• A great night was had the other week for our belated Christmas do. Thanks to Margaret for the great food and hospitality.
• Friday 13th March – agreed date for next social – Funny face and Hat theme for Comic relief.
• If all goes as well, we’ll arrange another asap (17th April pencilled in as well).

• 11 AOB

- Hurstwoods have submitted an application for 47 houses in the fields to the rear of Johnny Barn in Higher Cloughfold.
- Reckon on about 120-140 extra cars adding to the traffic issues on this site.
- Links to the relevant webpage are below (ref: 2014/0520):- http://www.rossendale.gov.uk/planningApplication/3945
Rawtenstall Town Centre
- Application has gone in to demolish the police station and buildings opposite the current bus station and build the new bus station.
- Links below to the relevant planning page (ref: 2014/0538):- http://www.rossendale.gov.uk/planningApplication/3958
Ramsbottom Bowling Green
Bury Council recently refused an application for houses on a green in Ramsbottom and the report stated that ‘greens were not a land bank for developers’. However this green was protected by local legislation and the Boars Head one isn’t.

• 12 Date of Next Meeting(s)

• 28th Feb Whisky Chorus
• 28th March Ladies night out from Boars Head
• Friday 13th March for the next social do at the Boars with food.
• Friday 17th April – provisional social do at the Boars
• Thursday 21st May 2015 at 7.30 (TBC if its curry night so we can book n advance) – regular meeting.
• NEW KIRK FAIR- Saturday 4th July.
• Tuesday 8th September 2015 at 7.30 – AGM followed by regularmeeting.
• Wednesday 18th November 2015 at 7.30pm – regular meeting.