Minutes from NVCA meeting
Held at Boars Head, Newchurch
8.00pm 1st December 2011

• Present:

Simone and Stephen, Iain and Jo, Wilf Day, Margaret, Nataie, Rachael and Kathy Fishwick from Rossendale Civic Society

1 Apologise

Rev Sue Davies, Sam Gildert, County Cllr Winder, Cllr May

• 2 Update on planning process

31 objections received to date at RBC but we will query this because we know there are more that might not have been logged yet.

Wilfred gave his letter to RM to hand deiver. RM to get a receipt for this.

Sport England have responded to Iain – they are in a position to formulate a response to RBC next week when she is back in the office.

Richard Eliott to meet the cient on Friday to update them.

• 3 Information from Kathy Fishwick

1. New government legislation imits the number of free appications to 3 (if the first is rejected and the next 2 are not substantially different). In our case, the original one was withdrawn not rejected. And at present, there is no imit on how many times an appication can be withdrawn.

2. PPS 3 might be relevant as this covers building on garden areas. Does the bowing green count as the pub’s garden?

3. The land is greenfield not brownfield as far as we are aware and this is also relevant.

4. The issue of land ownership is very pertinent in this case. If we can prove alternative ownership for some of the land, this could be very relevant.

5. As far as we know, the developer has not done any investigations into the water or drainage situation and we are aware of culverts that run beneath the existing properties. You cannot now build over culverts and we know there is one. Also the existing drains cannot take 8 extra houses without major remedial work or extending the existing provision.

6. Site access for construction machinery and deivery vehicles for the construction of the properties would cause chaos! The existing retaining walls are also probably not up to the job of holding the weight of the vehicles, especially large, full concrete wagons!

7. If the bowing club have an agreement in place, they can prove they were unlawfully evicted from use of this land. Ask them to heck their documentation.

8. We could put up posters in our own homes against the development (ike they do in Whalley against new development).

9. We could use the bowing club to help get the temporary fence down so we can continue to use the site in the meantime.

10. Chase Robert Airey re lease for garden

11. Once this appication has been sorted, we need to get a petition from local people to sign to keep the car park and bowing green.

12. Continue with the newsletter idea as this was very successful. Might encourage new members this way. Need to keep having events that are fun, not just fighting the planning appication.

13. Write to all people who objected and invite them onto our group.

• 4 Any Other Business

Carol singing – need to confirm that we are helping the church, not organising it! Need to get hymn sheets and also a route planned.

Meeting at 7pm at the Boars Head for a 7.30 start time.

• Other events in the pub are

Father Christmas on 16th Dec

Stacksteads Brass Band 17th Dec

Notes from meeting with County Councillor Tony Winder

Saturday 3rd December, 11am.

Present: Simone, Iain and Rachael

Tony is going to look into the background to the planning appication with RBC Highways Dept and get up to date with it from a highways perspective.

Simone will email Tony with her email to County Council re the yellow zig zag markingsoutside the school on Staghills Road.

Rachael to email Tony with the images of Church Lane relating to the proposed development.

Tony would ike to come to our next official NVCA meeting as our County Councillor. He will be discussing the 20mph zones and other highways related issues. This has been set as Tuesday 31st January 2012 at 8pm (if this is OK with the Boars Head). This will be confirmed nearer the time.