Staghills House
Lower Top Barn Lane

The owner of Staghills Estate in the mid 1800's was Edward Ashworth of Alderley Edge who's father Richard was a partner in the company Livesey and Ashworth who owned a woollen manufacturing business at Cowpe Mill.

Edward Ashworth succeeded his father in the business in 1863 and built Staghills House between 1861 and 1871 on what is now the lower part of Top Barn Lane.

The house had two gate houses, the South Lodge being besides the Lonsdale Bridge at Sandy Bank, Waterfoot and the North Lodge being half way up the higher part of Top Barn Lane.

The building was of grand design but this was not matched in the standard of the structure and it had fallen into dis-repair before the Second World War. It was demolished in the late 1940s to make way for the Staghills Council Housing Estate.

Staghills House North Lodge
Staghills House South Lodge